Album Review: Zone Out – Transcience


Zone Out has been kicking around Melbourne for a few years now, mainly centred around the gorgeous vocals of Ashley Bundang. For their debut album, Zone Out have stripped back to the two piece of just Bundang and best mate Dove Bailey (Scotdrakula), and let me tell ya, the result is nothing less than spectacular.

To describe Transcience in one word is to call it ethereal. Sure, seems like a bit of a buzz word for lazy writers, and although I demand to be referred to as such, Zone Out really do tick all the boxes for the ‘ethereal’ tag. The album strolls but never meanders, each track gentle and warm, like Bjork in animated suspension. There’s an otherworldly quality to the way Zone Out produce their songs, each one lush with detail that’s spread peacefully throughout. Nothing seems rushed or stretched, it’s just a record that you can sit down with and enjoy washing over you.

Transcience’s standout comes from the previous 7″ track “Inside”, an intimate song that features some delicate guitar work from Bailey. It’s a warm blanket of a track, one that is all too easy to bury yourself under when all the stresses of the outside world become a bit too much.

Indeed, “Inside” works as a great encapsulation of the record as a whole: a beautiful and instantly familiar retreat from everything. Transcience is a simple pleasure, but one that will deliver as a sturdy companion for years to come. Even when the vinyl is scratched and dusty, this album feels like one that can be relied on for some time.

Transcience is available now on Deaf Ambitions. Grab the vinyl or digital download from Bandcamp here.

Since Dove has gotten married (YAY DOVE!) and moved overseas, Zone Out will be completing their album tour as a solo show. Catch Ashley playing at the Union Hotel on Friday June 10th. It’s a free show, Ciggie Witch will also be launching their great new record on the night, and Greenwave Beth and Black Springs will be along for the ride as well.



Video: Zone Out – Breakdown


I know what you’re thinking: if you had to join a cult, it’d obviously be Scientology for all those sweet celebrity hook ups, right? Well, you make a great point, but before you see your soul to Xenu, take a look at this strong contender:

Here’s the 411: the cult is called Zone Out, it’s located in Melbourne, and although it’s small, their numbers are growing in strength every day. The promotional video above counts an extra six members who have been pulled in by the two founders charismatic charms and promises of glory.

Also, the uniform is tops – whilst Mormons are stuck with rejected Game of Thrones outfits, Zone out provides their members with Steve Zissou beanies and colourful sweatshirts. Did I mention that all they do is hang out at the beach all day and listen to dreamy pop music created by their genius founders? Yeah, do yourself a favour and sign up to the world’s greatest cult right here.

New from Melbourne: SMILE + Zone Out + Tourist Dollars + Parking Lot Experiments


New stuff from Australia’s second best city:

SMILE – Boundless Plains to Share

We’ve got boundless plains to share, but you wouldn’t know it from the way we treat refugees. Every time the word Nauru pops up in a headline, it makes you a little bit ashamed to be Australian, right? Like, fuck, how have we fucked up to this degree?

But if all becomes a bit much, combat that hopelessness and soak yourself in “Boundless Plains to Share” from SMILE. Their debut LP, released a couple years back was a winner, and this new track shows that they haven’t lost any of the charm in their pleasant, bleached guitar pop.

Zone Out – Inside

Combine Dove from Scotdrakula and Ashley from Totally Mild, and you’ve got Zone Out. If you’ve got a few xannies locked in the cupboard, left over from that trip you took to Europe a while back, now would be the time to use ’em. Blissful, cloudy dream pop that works on a nice, basic level. Zone Out don’t reach out and overcomplicate things, they just float along on a dreamy cloud of sighs and clicking production.

Tourist Dollars – End of Times

So you’re a cowboy on a budget, are ya? There’s an innocent town on the outskirts of Juarez, and the cartels are looming. Things are pretty dire, aren’t they? A bit shocking, to say the very least.

Well, never fear! You’ve got your six-shooter, and a trusty steed. You’re chewing your meanest tobacco, and your sun-beaten brow is furrowed in anticipation. But the token mariachi band is missing! Whoever will score your showdown with the cartel boss?

Nah mate. Just grab an iPod dock, and chuck on the debut Tourist Dollars track. You’ll be sweet. This song was made for Mexican standoffs.

Parking Lot Experiments – I’ll Be Right Here

This song starts with a sparkling organ, and only gets more heartening from there. Flicking between lush, expansive music crafted in the magical moments just before you shut your eyes, and 8-bit sparks, Parking Lot Experiments have created their finest track to date. It’s just so intensely interesting, without being overwhelming or disturbing. It’s just a really fucking great song. Heads up indie film directors, you’ve just found your pivotal scene soundtrack.