New: Cedie Janson – Light Curve

It’s been a while since you had a sonic head-fuck in which your mind is swallowed by a black hole of lush sound, right? Like, ‘Interstellar’ was meant to appease that scenario, but it didn’t really.

Enter Cedie Janson, member of Naked Maja, and collaborator with Workshop, a Brisbane’s best post-punk hero since Bernard Fanning. “Light Curve”, his debut release, is a strange orgy of melted sounds, acidic and metallic , moulding themselves around your head in a form that isn’t natural. Damn fine, an epileptic mixture of threatening and calm.


New: Workshop + Ali E + Plains Wanderer + Them Bruins

Workshop-Repeat After Me

Another day, another stellar release from Brissy’s own Tenth Court Records. Workshop is a synth-duo that will make your jaw unhinge itself, crawl off your face, and slap you out of sheer bewilderment. This is their debut single, and it already sits on the same tiers as Ela Stiles and Naked Maja. The same paranoid, less-is-more approach remains, but the amount of beauty that Workshop fit into this song is what makes it so unnervingly gorgeous.

Ali E-We Are Strangers

I remember seeing Ali E a little while back, supporting Salad Boys on their recent tour of Aus. Or more specifically, I remember being struck by her voice-it’s the kind of voice that belongs to a girl that your Mum warns you against, and your Dad encourages you to go after. It’s a voice packed with subtleties and one that weaves a billion stories into a single sentence. That’s why her latest single ‘We Are Strangers’ is impossible to waver away from. Also, that guitar solo at the end is the softest but most alluring thing since looking into the eyes of a kitten.


Plains Wanderer-Emu War

Holy shit….holy shit. There are no words to describe how amazing this debut effort from Sydney’s Plains Wanderer is. No, but seriously, the album cover features an emu sticking its beak out over an outline of NSW, which is all drawn on a piece of carboard. And there’s song titles like ‘Ode to Mullet’ and ‘Pots & Pints (A Request to the Australian Government for the Standardisation of Beverage Sizes). Did you read that? Did you read those fuckin’ pearler song titles? It’s honestly what dreams are made of.

Besides the fact that you can’t get any more Australian on here, unless you’re Steve Irwin getting in a punch on with Russell Crowe over a pregnant kangaroo who’s holding a VB, ‘Emu War’ is chock full of pretty goddamn amazing poetry and the most lackadaisical accent since Nathan Roche. If you’re any sort of fan of The Stevens, Dick Diver or Boomgates, and always wanted Sydney’s answer to that gorgeous little Southern movement, Plains Wanderer are here to quench your thirst and sing a great song about Al Montfort’s mullet.

Them Bruins-Barrenlands

If you’re a fan of Kingswood or Damn Terran, then you’re going to be over the fucking moon with the new one from Them Bruins. ‘Barrenlands’ is basically just a ferocious riff-fest, a slab of classic rock implanted into the 21st Century conscience, and turned up to 11. This thing is loud, chunky and a little bit brutal, and would surely make the Vasco Era stoked.