New: Whipper – Chase the Rainbow

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 3.59.26 pm

This new Whipper song is the definition of raw fucking power. Just a pure, brutal, unadulterated, spit-flecked, blood-soaked, pupil-dilated beacon of raw fucking power. There’s not a single ounce of strut or ponce or pout to this song, it just exists as a stirling example of what can happen when a bunch of people who grew up on the unrelenting power of guitars and The Stooges put their heads down and produce greatness.

“Chase the Rainbow” doesn’t fuck around, it just gets stuck in, pummelling your stomach with adrenaline-addled punches of seething riffs that have surely contracted a disease of some sort. Seconds in, it makes you feel like Beavis when he sees a naked flame: “FIRE! FIRE! YEAH! YEAH! FIRE!”. It’s the kind of song that, when those violent three minutes and twenty three seconds have finished, you come to the realisation that you’ve chewed off your lips as a token of your savage appreciation. It’s probably the best punk song I’ve heard since POWER released their disembowelling debut last year.