Video(s): Royal Chant + Twin Beasts + Cull + aheadphonehome + East Brunswick All Girls Choir + Waza

‘Straya’s got some great bands, who make some great music videos. Check ’em out, or I’ll do nothing, because this is the Internet, and no-one’s listening to my rants. But I’d recommend checking them out, because your life will be better from it.

Royal Chant-Shake, Shake

Deadset, Royal Chant are the shit. They’ve got the pop tendencies of Bluejuice, with the underground credibility of Guided By Voices, and the ability to harrow into my brain like early Metallica. If you’re any sort of fan of Australian slacker/guitar music, like Dollar Bar, The Stevens, or The Cannanes, then get behind Royal Chant.

And if you’re still in some freakish mindset that declines my way-ward descriptions, then look at the video. Sorry, masterpiece. The thing is like a kindergartener took acid at finger-painting, and then went to the beach. It’s fucking crazy to look at, and even crazier to listen to.

Twin Beasts-Sweet Marie

Twin Beasts (formerly The Toot Toot Toots) have a lead singer that looks like Donny Benet’s cousin that just got way into Bob Dylan and Tex Perkins instead of the lushest, sexiest music of the 80’s. But the lyrics are still there. Donny Benet Jr. croons, ‘Ohhh, Sweet Marie, you had me begging on my knees!”, arms outstretched and Hawaiian shirt slightly untucked and revealing some glorious chest hair.

But its the Satanic depiction of Cleopatra that brings this clip to a joyously absurd conclusion. After watching some bug-eyed begging, the clip turns into a blood-bath of temptation, equal parts disturbing, alluring and hilarious. It’s almost too perfect…

Cull-The Sacred Burial Urn

Cull are one of the most perfect Sydney bands, and they haven’t really got their dues yet. Whilst Vance Joy can release a mediocre pop song and get accolades, Cull released a whole EP’s worth of genius, and didn’t score a single Triple J Hottest 100 vote! Politics, right?

Anyway, they’ve just released their new clip for the warped ‘Sacred Burial Urn’. Musically, it’s like Kevin Parker doing the soundtrack to the bit right before the lady gets the shit stabbed out of her in ‘Psycho’. Visually, it’s a trip through old sci-fi movies and main man Alex Watts being a mega god, spliced between all the colours of the rainbow. Is your bong-smoke-laden jaw hitting the floor yet?

aheadphonehome-Think Music

If you couldn’t get enough of Cull, and wanted to continue the freak flag flying, then get amongst Brisbane’s aheadphonehome. I think it’s an E.T reference, but once I started hearing those disconcerting chords of Addam’s Family-meets-POND, I didn’t give a shit any more. And when you add the visual element of people being way too nice to each other, like Soundgarden’s ‘Black Hole Sun’ video, then it becomes even more inherently creepy/awesome. If you want all this and more, for the price of nothing, go to aheadphonehome’s Bandcamp here. 

East Brunswick All Girls Choir-Mon Repos

EBAGC recently ran into a bit of trouble. Just minutes before they were to take off to New Zealand, playing the final Camp A Low Hum (RIP), they got kicked off the flight for having gastro. Personally, I put it down to jealousy. The pilot simply couldn’t handle the ‘Rowland S Howard/Nick Drake combo that’s been thrown down a dusty well in South Australia, and then dragged to a random alley in Melbourne and had the shit kicked out of it’ vibe that EBAGC throw out. It’s a specific niche, but they do it damn well. At least Vietnam could handle their crazy attitudes, so that we lucky consumers gained access to this simple and beautiful clip of people walking (not being a sarcastic dick here, I genuinely love this video).

Waza-Act 2

Plot twist: I’m in love with the most excellent ‘Act 2’ from Sydney beat-man Waza. Holy shit did the Avalanches drop the ball by not signing this guy up to their team. Not only is the song an eclectic mix of old-timey samples mixed in with simple beats, but the music video makes you want to drop everything and try and make a video that is half as good as this. The blue filter, the TV-theme, the chalk-drawn piano…makes you almost think that you could live without more Avalanches material.