Premiere! Wayfarer// – Haloumi

Press Shot

Over the weekend, I got myself more of a dose of electronic music than I’m used to, via the soon-to-be cultural touchstone of Outsidein Festival. What an absolutely insane festival! From big names like Seekae, DJ Spinn and The Pharcyde wrecking the semblance of reality, to small acts such as Andras & Oscar, FISHING and Black Vanilla proving their instrumental worth to our burgeoning scene.

Obviously, with the festival complete, it’s time to start viewing potential candidates for next year, beginning with Melbourne production maestro Wayfarer//. It follows strongly in the vein of the early releases of Cosmo’s Midnight, Basenji, and Wave Racer, with a little more interjection of Nyan Cat love. “Haloumi”, despite being an overrated cheese, makes for a blazing, excitable release from old mate Wayfarer//.

With mastering duties courtesy of Andrei Eremin, who’s worked with everyone from Japanese Wallpaper to Milwaukee Banks, “Haloumi” is a sonic headtrip of pattering taps, jilting synths and a constant urge to throw your hands in the air, a soon-to-be-festival staple. If anyone out there knows the Astral People dudes, someone needs to give them the heads up on this bloke before he’s organising a duel to the death with Dip-I-Dip-You-Diplo.