Album Review: Dot Dash-Half-Remembered Dream


The first thing that will strike you about the Washington D.C band Dot Dash are the riffs. You will be blown over by them like the mighty winds of Poseidon’s breath. They are chunkier than the thighs of a fat kid on a McDonald’s spree. They are more addictive than the meth on Breaking Bad. And it sounds better than the wind rushing past your ears when you go skydiving. These aren’t rackety little riffs that nudge the song along. No, these bad boys pulse with a life of their own, and the rest of the greatness of Dot Dash follows.

Now, on the subject of riffs that split your head at the seams, there’s no denying it, these guys have probably listened to their fair share of Superchunk in their lifetimes, because it comes out to shine in their music. But that is in no way a bad thing, Superchunk were one of the greatest bands of the 90’s, and from my recollection, I don’t think they’ve ever released a bad album. So if there was going to be a major influence on your sound of riff-based rock, Superchunk would be a pretty good place to start.

Anyway, getting back to ‘Half-Remembered Dream’, it’s an awesome album. In terms of fluid rocking out, this album is flawless. It features the perfect uptempo rock music that’s been missing from this dark and disturbing world. Fuck the Syrian situation, and just listen to Dot Dash’s record. It bounces and frolics in the eternal pit of riffs. The triple threat that opens the album of ‘(Here’s To) The Ghosts of the Past’, ‘Hands of Time’ and ‘Bloom/Decay’ makes for a truly epic opening that will grab the fuck out of your attention and wrestle you to the ground like some sort of guitar crocodile (watch the Discovery Channel sometime, its full of heaps of interesting shit, almost as interesting as Dot Dash). For the most part, ‘Half-Remembered Dream’ retains the energy and passion of those first three brilliant songs. The explosive and friendly complex nature is best captured later down the line by songs like ‘Do Re Mi’ and ‘A Light in the Distance’, but all round, you can’t find fault with Dot Dash in terms of musical exuberance.

Overall, the album will make any lover of guitar based music wet in the loins. ‘Half-Remembered Dream’ is a fantastic album from the moment those riff sirens ring out, and the drums kick with the power of a greased up Chevy engine. Dot Dash are a band that you should consider as being your next favourite. Write home about this one if you want to get laid by like-minded lovers of awesome.

You can buy the album right here, amongst Dot Dash’s other shit. Totally worth it.


New: Dot Dash-Bloom/Decay (free download)

Fact: a song with a title that gives off a cyclical but vague plot structure using only two words is going to be fan-fucking tastic. At least, that’s the case with Washington D.C based indie rock band Dot Dash. Think Superchunk and Swervedriver, easygoing riffs that force you into a grin, and vocals that aren’t shoving anything down your throat, but simply gravitate in their own little space. And then ending? Fucking 10/10 for that onslaught of amiable sound! Awesome shit!