July Playlist

To introduce the abysmal month of July, there is an adjoining playlist of equally abysmal songs. So, enjoy that, I guess. There’s the addictive Vance Joy, and awesome Touch Sensitive, as well as brand new Pixies, King Gizzard, and No Age. Then I chucked in some classic Twerps, Mac DeMarco and Black Lips for good measure. Oh and if you want to watch a great fucking video, look at no. 20, Big Deal’s-In Your Car, tis insane, almost as insane as these cray-cray winter months.

1. Vance Joy-Riptide

2. Luke Million-Arnold

3. Touch Sensitive-Pizza Guy

4. Pixies-Bagboy

5. Mac DeMarco-Ode to Viceroy

6. SPLASHH-All I Wanna Do

7. Screen Vinyl Image-Station 4

8. Bleached-Outta My Mind

9. LOOM-Acid King City (free download)

10. King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard-Head On/Pill

11. No Age-C’mon Stimmung

12. Twerps-Work it Out

13. King Tuff-Lazerbeam

14. Udays Tiger- (I Need A) Summertime Hit (free download)

15. Frankie Rose-Thee Only One

16. Drenge-Backwaters

17. The Soft Pack-C’mon

18. METZ-Wet Blanket

19. The Black Lips-Bad Kids

20. Big Deal-In Your Car


Video: Vance Joy-Riptide

For a while, I was really uncertain about checking out Vance Joy. I mean, on the plus side he was being really hyped up, and had scored a five album deal with Atlantic Records. But on the other hand….indie-folk. The very thought makes me shudder. However, if you listen to ‘Riptide’ even once and aren’t humming it along within the next few days, then there is no hope for you.

Right now, there is no guilt, Vance Joy drops lyrical bombs like it ain’t no thang (surely the first time someone has used that phrase when describing Vance Joy). Vance Joy manages to jam in Michelle Pfeiffer, magician assistants, and lost cowboys all into an addictive little acoustic jam. Yep, the hipster kids have scored their first win in my book since Of Monsters and Men’s ‘Little Talks’.

The video is gloriously original as well. That’s the only way I can describe it without getting carried away and going into incredibly detail, and then spoiling it, but it is definitely worth the 3 and half minute duration. I’m just pissed I didn’t check out Vance Joy before.