New: Us the Band – And I Will


How did you spend your twentieth birthday? Tied up in a dominatrix chamber after downing a bottle of Jager? Yeah, me too. Except my dominatrix chamber was called Black Bear Lodge, and the dominatrix in question was actually two people: Nick and Jesse. And they were in a band. Called Us the Band. But I did drink a bottle of Jager. That part is true.

Anyway, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the beginning of another brutally mundane year full of DJ battles at corporate retreats. Us the Band are incredible: short, fast songs played way too loud. Also, lots of head banging. Lots and lots and lots of head banging. They unfortunately set a standard of breaking in a birthday that I don’t think I’m going to be able to top.

Anyway, this formidable twosome released a track called “Fallout” last year that made my breakfast shoot through me like I’d just swallowed a dozen flat whites in a row. They’ve been sitting idle for a while since then, but that’s only because they’ve been in the middle of some BUSINESS TIME! Us the Band have just signed with Rice is Nice Records, one of Australia’s finest, and home to Straight Arrows, The Laurels, SPOD and Richard in Your Mind.

They’ve also been spending a lot of time working in a video production studio, crafting a clip of Spielbergian film wizardry to accompany their new-ish song “And I Will”. Expect semi-nudity, strobe lights, and more masks than that orgy in Eyes Wide Shut. Oh, and head banging. Lots and lots and lots of head banging.