New: Dinosaur Feathers-Shower Party

New one from New England indie rock gonad punchers Dinosaur Feathers. It’s exactly as upbeat and soaked as the title would suggest, a super fun funk jam to get you in the mood to…I don’t know, go take a shower or some shit. Like, if you have a newborn that doesn’t like to take baths, just put this on, and the kid will jump into that vestibule of water like they’re a goddamn Olympic diver. This shit is like The Wiggles for adults. All I know is that this track is super fluid and makes me want to move. And it’s way better indie rock song than that floating carcass that Arctic Monkeys chucked out earlier today. I’m slowly losing hope in ‘AM’, and that makes me sad. Then I remember there’s shit like ‘Shower Party’ on the interwebs, and I get happy again. I think I need medication.


Album Review: Radical Dads-Rapid Reality

This awesome album is a solid slab of fallback 90’s era rock that mixes with the brand of new-grunge permeating the garage scene at the moment. All of this mixes into a plain brilliant album that forces me to put down all the dumb shit I’m doing and perk my ears. On ‘Rapid Reality’, Radical Dads create an album with so much heart and earnest that it’s impossible to look away, even for a second, in case you miss even one second of their brilliant nature.

Radical Dads are first, and foremost, a cool band, that are slotting into a nice little cache of other cool bands. If you dig on Shark?, Screaming Females, DIIV or Dum Dum Girls, chances are you’ll want to swathe yourself in Radical Dads tunes. All the songs on ‘Rapid Reality’ are coated in a nice cocoon of simplicity. The band doesn’t need to add in a 40-strong orchestra, or add a sample of ostriches having sex to a loop. No, Radical Dads would rather be Sleater Kinney over Cocteau Twins any day, or at least that’s how it looks on ‘Rapid Reality’.

In terms of musical prowess, the band indulges in the guitar, which is their strength, as well as laying vocal work that is unabashedly powerful. Lindsay Baker, Chris Diken and Robbie Guertin all work their butts off to create what should have been the sequel to ‘Fever to Tell’ by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. This is present in opener ‘Mountain Town’ that growls and sparkles with equal brightness and darkness, roiling in a muddy guitar riff whilst being pounded out with undeinable energy on the drums. This is ferocious music played with the most friendly of intentions.

This format plays out for the next two songs: ‘Pink Flag’ a turmoil of jangly guitar that is championed by heartfelt vocals and spruced with a heroic chorus, and ‘Rapid Reality’ is one of the bigger joys of the entire album. It starts out with a tantalisingly sweet hook that is as syrupy as bee jizz, then curdles into a loud and infectious chorus that’ll be stuck in your mind all week, guaranteed. Seriously, try not to sway your head back and forth as ‘AND IT ALL COMES BACK TO ME/ AND THE PAGES OF RAPID REALITY’ is belted out with the force of a Cuban drug lord executing his wrath.

Don’t think everything ends from there either, things only get stickier and sweeter. A fervent burner is seen on ‘Hi Desert’, wallowing in hopeful retrospect, then everything switches back into overdrive on ‘Dust USA’, whispered, husky vocals grinding against a gravel-strewn path of riffs. ‘Shackleton’ adds a guttural, elongated element to the album, epic music churning in a constant striving  and achieving of awesomeness. How many bands can make a song about Antarctic explorers from the 19th Century sound good? As of now, just the one band, Radical Dads. So, good job for that.

I don’t have to outline the entire album for my point to get across. Radical Dads are a fine Brooklyn band, fresh in every sense of the word (unless you’re thinking about it the way 2 Chainz says it). Radical Dads are just two dudes and a lady making sweet, sweet music for the inner teenager in everyone to jam to. Radical Dads are pretty radical, and I doubt I’m the first or last person who will make that joke.

You can stream/buy ‘Rapid Reality’ as well as a bunch of their older stuff on Radical Dads Bandcamp. Also, check out the awesome video for ‘Rapid Reality’ here. It features flying pizzas!

Video: Radical Dads-Rapid Reality

I was going to stop posting, because a lot of peole are getting annoyed, but this is too good. Radical Dads are a band on the awesome Uninhabitable Mansions label, which also features greats like Dinosaur Feathers and Dead Stars. Anyway, ‘Rapid Reality’ features a kick arse riff, reminiscent of the mid-90’s alt-rock scene, and a nice little melody. The lyrics are nice, the song is nice, everything’s fucking nice about this song. Except for the chorus. The chorus is bloody perfect. Lastly, the clip is done in watercolours and it’s animated. Old Greg would be losing his shit. Hopefully, enough people understand that Mighty Boosh reference.