Top 5 Records w/ ScotDrakula

OKAY! THIS IS COOL! GATHER ROUND CHILDREN! The Scotty Draks are coming to town (WITH THE MUTHA FLIPPIN’ MIGHTY BOYS) and they’re playing THIS THURSDAY at GOODGOD SMALL CLUB. Fuck me sideways, and call me Christopher Pyne, this is gonna be a good ‘un.

For those who don’t know, ScotDrakula are one of Melbourne’s best kept secrets. They’re a garage rock tour de-force. If you’re ever in a bad mood, chuck on their new album (which was one of the best records of last year) and feel your problems wash away faster than copping acupuncture treatment from Morgan Freeman.

But if you’re actually a member of ScotDrakula, you can’t just listen to your own record over and over again. So, I asked Matt Neumann, the fiery and elegant ginger frontman of the Scotty Draks to tell me his Top 5 Records to get through a bad mood.

Top 5 Records w/ ScotDrakula

Sonic Youth – Goo

Overall incredible album. Has enough noise to block out exterior sound.

Probably the closest they got to making pop music overall. Sounds like every song is trying to contain a big noisy racket that really, really wants to happen.

Suicide – Suicide

The appropriate volume level for Ghost Rider is insanely-loud. Have another few cups of coffee.

Thrash around your apartment, secretly hoping to bother your neighbors.


Put on BORIN CONVO and feel like maybe you don’t have ADHD, maybe it’s just that everyone else is real boring.

Iceage – New Brigade

This is a good one for public transport. Something about the frequencies makes it awesome for blocking out strangers having loud, dumb, public conversations. Also, just a really great energetic/awesome record. Put on your headphones and stare directly forward.

Sleep – Dopesmoker

Straight up loud, ugly, heavy, repeat. An hour long song that’s just heavy as fuck. After about 20 minutes, you forget that you’re even listening to it and it becomes a soundtrack to your mean terrible mood. 

SctoDrakula play with Mighty Boys, Claire & the Cops, and Hunch at GoodGod this Thursday, 12th of Feb. Tix here.


Top 5 Records: TV Colours

This world is ruled by facts. Gravity exists, Tony Abbott is a fuckwit, and TV Colours is the closest thing to perfection that we’ll get. In terms of classic albums, their “Purple Skies, Toxic River” record doesn’t just stand amongst the best of them – it flat out shames other records that we considered the best. It’s a riveting combination of a well-executed concept, high velocity guitar pulverisation, and the catchiest and most original songs of the decade, tied down with an authenticity that would make Billy Corgan cream. TV Colours is a band that means a great, great deal to me, and it feels impossible to truly communicate their significance. But I’ll try – here, listen to this.

If ever there was a record that could encapsulate the times that Australian society is living through currently, “Purple Skies…” is it. The way that Robin and co. so easily mouth everything that you’ve wanted to scream into your bedroom mirror is flawless. People will be talking about this album, and this band, for decades to come. The Drones’ ‘Havilah’, The Birthday Party’s ‘Junkyard’, and TV Colours’ ‘Purple Skies, Toxic River’: perfect music to suit the perfect time. If you haven’t gotten yourself a copy yet, make like Donny Bradman, and get bowled over quick smart here.

TV Colours are making their way down Sydney way to headline Bad Day Out II with one of their legendary live shows. Also on the bill are Donny Benet, Bearhug, Unity Floors, Dreamtime, and a shit tonne of others. It all goes down at Petersham Bowling Club on Saturday 24th of Jan. Tix here.

To prepare the masses for the onslaught of terrific coming their way, and to get in the #Straya mood, I asked Robin from TV Colours to tell me about his Top 5 Australian albums. Thanks, and I’ll see you in the pit.

Top 5 Records – Robin From TV Colours’ Favourite Australian Albums

AC/DC – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

I really loved ACDC when I was younger, I still do I guess, I think, to not, would be un-Australian right? And its Australia Day. 
That late 90’s was such a gross time for pop culture and ROCK! music and it had such an effect on me that I didn’t really listen to guitar orientated music at all. I snuck into this ACDC show in Canberra in the Summer of 2001, it was pretty Detroit Rock City, and anyway, I sort of look back at it as this completely defining moment where I completely 
changed into a BONE-afied rock DOG, suddenly Dr Dre 2001 was gone and I had Jailbreak instead, it was actually one of the first times I really listening to music in a retrospective nature, and 
y’know, that’s a massive gateway to allot  of music, I guess it seems kind of obvious these days especially with every song ever recorded being pretty easily accessed for free, but back then I basically just listened to just what-was-out -at -the- time sort of thing.

The Scientists – Pissed On Another Planet

I am basically highjacking this whole thing to tell stories about myself, buuut, yknow, I feel like half the reasons I end up loving albums is because of the nostalgia. Anyway when I was 19 I basically drove around in my first car listening to this non-stop, it was awesome.

I know everyone blabbers on about ‘Blood Red River’, which is great, WHATEVER, but I really do love their power pop stuff.  I miss my first car, 1986 Honda Civic, silver,  roaring down the highway, nothing to lose, I was free. My second car just got stolen, had it for 8 years, couldn’t give a fuck, see ya later.

The Eastern Dark – Where Are All The Single Girls?

Geez, I’m really clutching at straws here, is this even an album? Was the Scientists even an album? I hate Australian music, ha ha, JUST JOKING I LOVE IT. Buuuut anyway when I was about 17 I was reading my copy of Rolling Stone (such a cool dude) and it put me onto buy this compilation called Do The Pop.

Anyway so it was this compilation of all these Australian garage and punk bands through the late 70’s and the 80’s, and it just introduced me to all those sort of really important Australian bands from back then, The Saints, Radio Birdman, The Scientists, Hard Ons ayyynd of course The Eastern Dark. And of everything on that album I think I loved Johnny and Dee Dee the most, I just remember it as being one of those early instances in which I realised that punk and pop could mix pretty well, before that my only impression of that was that band Blink 182 ,  fuuuuuuck them, well, sort of, I have a very small appreciation for them, very very small, but only because of nostalgic reasons, sometimes I feel like a dog chasing my own tail.

Assassins 88 – Go Go Second Chance Virgin

Myyyyyyyeah look, I was in this band, but the only reason I was in this band is because I loved them so much, I never actually made it onto any of their recordings or anything, I was just a hired GUN guitar player for them live, well I wasn’t even hired I just sort of demanded I be in the band.

It was one of the first times I looked at Canberra and saw a current band I really liked, I guess one of the first times I realised that you didn’t have to live in a big city to make great music, I know that sounds stupid, and it was a stupid attitude, but I definitely felt that way for a while.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Primary Colours

I saw Eddy Current at this place called the Roxy in Melbourne on June 7th 2007, at 8:30. And, yeah, it was such a revelation, the songs were so simple.

It felt like every other gig I went to back then was just that sort of spiky post punk angular guitars (woo!) stuff y’know, , NOT THAT THERE WAS ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT. I dunno, in a time when everything seemed so complicated seeing something so simple and so effective was really inspiring.

Top 5 Records: Rice Is Nice Records


Rice Is Nice Records is probably the closest thing that Australia has to royalty. They have allowed for us mere peasants to be granted access to the wonderful minds of Straight Arrows, The Laurels, Seekae, Donny Benet, SPOD, Richard In Your Mind, You Beauty, and so many more. The people will write songs about them one day, however, they probably won’t be as good as this one:

At a time when people thought John Butler Trio were a heaps decent band, and people seemed to not care about the local heroes as much as they do now, Rice Is Nice was there, pumping out classic record after classic record.

Julia ‘El Boss Dog’ Wilson is the operator of Rice is Nice, and a total champion. Besides being wonderful woman, and the introducee of many of everyone’s favourite bands, she knows how to throw a killer party. Last years’ Rice Is Nice Turns 5 celebrations were mental, and they’re going for ROUND 2. This Sunday, 18th of Jan, at The Vic in Marrickville, Rice is Nice is taking over, with sets from The Frowning Clouds, Summer Flake, Terrible Truths, Weak Boys and Darts. And it’s all FREE! Which means there’s more money to spend on booze. A hangover is definitely on the cards.

Fuck how great are puns? Anyway, before the abuse starts over my shitty jokes, I’ll allow Jules to talk about her favourite albums. Cya at the party!

Julia Wilson (Rice Is Nice Records) – Top 5 Records

TOP 5 Records, now this is a hard task. I am too indecisive / paranoid to commit to these things but here you go. I do love many more but these are always going to be awesome.

5. The Band – The Last Waltz

Move over Robbie. I love you Levon.

4. The Faces – Five Guys Walk Into A Bar

This is an awesome collection of The Faces songs and you all must get it. The Faces for life. I saw Rod play once hoping he would play Faces songs. I can’t remember if he did or not, because he totally distracted me with changing his shirt after every song. He had lime green satin, zebra print, pink, red, blue, orange, melon…man he had them all. OH YEAH. I just love this!

3. Ween – Chocolate & Cheese
It’s the first Ween record I bought and it has Freedom 76 on it, The HIV Song, Take Me Away and Don’t Shit Where You Eat ah fuck me this is a great record. I want to have kids so I can move to Woodstock and get Gene Ween to give them guitar lessons. I think that’s a good goal to have in life.
2. Mclusky – The Difference Between You And Me Is That I Am Not On Fire
I was going to call Rice Is Nice – Your Children Are Just Waiting For You To Die instead but I thought it might be too heavy, so I went with Ricey. They broke up Friday 7 January 2005 and on that day I wrote them an email saying something like, thanks for ruining my life, or something. Jesus. Umm…so as I was just writing all the stuff down bout this record I just realised I sound like a fucking crazy person so I’m just going to leave it here. This song still scares me –
1. Wilco – AM
I love Wilco. You can all fuck off, they are awesome and AM is fucking awesome. Ah fuck this is so good
This list is pretty much a Greville Records extravaganza. It’s what happens when you live on top of the best record store in the world.
– Julia Wilson

Top 5 Records w/ Bloods

Bloods are all time. All time, y’hear? They are easily one of the most exciting acts to be following in Sydney, packing out these damn near perfect 2/3 minute jams with more fun than a lazer-tag party hosted by Barney the Dinosaur. One of the more notable elements of their music is their lack of fear in injecting garage music with light-hearted pop, combining a throwback sound that a lot of garage bands seem afraid to do. Bloods pull it off, no wucking furries, mate.

Take for example their latest track “Penelope”. It’s awash with the good times, an encapsulation of something that you can easily jiggle your body around to. It’s fucking fun, man! There’s not much more to be said about it! Even though they’ve only released a handful of singles and an EP, with their debut album coming out later this year, it’s hard to see Bloods doing anything but kicking heaps of ass.

For Bloods’ Top 5 Records, I asked their drummer Dirk (acclaimed award-winner of “Nicest Guy In Rock ‘N’ Roll”) about his favourite thrash records. When I managed to catch Bloods for the first time, at Frankie’s Pizza, old mate was wearing the phreshest stylez of a Slayer ‘Raining Blood’ T-shirt and black jeans, which were soon soaked in sweat. Given that awesome experience, and the fact that I don’t talk about trash metal NEARLY enough, here’s Dirk’s little geek out on the music that’s 2Fast2Furious for the ears of the squares.

Top 5 Thrash Metal Records

5. Exodus – Bonded By Blood
I love this track – it has such a classic thrash riff which I believe Kirk Hammett from Metallica had a hand in, as he was in Exodus in their early days. When I first heard this I didn’t quite dig the vocals but I love how crazy they sound now! These guys don’t quite get the respect some of their peers get, but they are pretty damn rad.
4. Kreator – Pleasure To Kill
I always loved seeing these wacky Germans late at night on Rage as a kid – and this track is a good example of what they do. The production kind of(totally) sucks, but the playing is utterly manic and it just sounds mental to me! This is a good one to play to your Mum to really freak her out.
3. Megadeth – Hanger 18
Now this is by far(in my opinion) the most commercial track here, and it honestly isn’t nearly as ‘thrash’ as say Exodus or Slayer, AND i believe it came out in 1990! Oh well, close enough. If you’ve never heard Megadeth this is a good place to start, in fact, the whole album this is off (Rust In Peace) is killer.
2. Slayer – Kill Again
Now, most people reading this would argue that anything off Reign In Blood is the best kind of Slayer. BUT the album ‘Hell Awaits’ is the first Slayer I ever heard and I just love everything about it. The cover is amazing, the production is really raw, and it just sounds downright evil. When I was a kid I totally thought these guys were dangerous! I love the title track, but Kill Again is badass.
1. Metallica – Fight Fire With Fire
It’s almost impossible to pick a fave Metallica track off the first few albums, but this one is my all time fave. It’s on Ride The Lighting which is probably my fave album of theirs too. To me this is the pinnacle of thrash – and shows why Metallica stood head and shoulders above the competition back in the 80s. It is brutal, features some weird timing that i love, and has a classic acoustic intro which I think is essential to opening an 80s Metallica album!

Top 5 Records w/ Richard In Your Mind

Richard In Your Mind. Now that’s a band that know all about the simple pleasures in life. They’ve pumped out a plethora of records since their inception in 2006-ish, and the best of these albums, in my opinion, resonate from RIYM bending straightforward themes into mind-altering escapades. From older tracks like “Mozzarella” and “P.S I Love You”, to their new one “Hammered”, which has to be among the songs of the year, Richard In Your Mind know how to make pysch-pop work on a laid back level. Must be the beards.

You see? That’s a track that contains a basic little flute riff, a cool-as-fuck guitar and some lyrics about getting hammered in the daytime with ya bae. And it’s fucking brilliance. I decided to hit up old mates, and see what THEY reckon are the best records that dwell on the simple pleasures of life.

Top 5 Records w/ Richard In Your Mind

1. Harry Nillson – The Point

In the morning when you wake up it can be nice to have a story told to you, especially if the person telling the story has an amazing voice. The Point is sometimes spoken, sometimes sung and always wonderful. “Me and My Arrow” is a classic.

2. Cibo Matto – Viva La Woman

Do you know your chicken? Well that is a tough question to answer for anyone. I have come to realise that you cannot truly know your chicken until you have danced around your living room to this masterpiece.

3. Ravi Shankar – Three Ragas

Another morning album. It can be nice to ease into the day.

4. Beastie Boys – Intergalactic

Now it’s partytime. This might be the best song ever written in the history of music. But you already knew that because you’re cool

5. Apeman – The Kinks

The simplest pleasures in life are the things we have enjoyed since we first evolved from apes over 100 years ago. Sometimes you need to get in touch with your inner apeman or apewoman and get down with some wooden clubs and raw meat.


Richard In Your Mind’s ‘Ponderosa’ is out now on one of the best labels in the world Rice is Nice. Review here. They’re also playing the Lansdowne on Friday October 17th FOR FREE. Get your beautiful head down there!

Top 5 Records w/ Bad//Dreems

I’ve got a long history with Bad//Dreems. A long, bloody history. I started listening to them as a wee 16 year old, back when their Bandcamp page only showed “Close 2 God” and “Chills” as identifiers. But as Bad//Dreems grew, so did their extreme ability to write amazing portraits of the Australian landscape. Surely living in  oft-ignored Adelaide, surviving on a steady diet of classic Australian bands like GOD, Powder Monkeys and Cold Chisel has led Bad//Dreems to the inevitable – they are one of the most promising and unique Australian bands existing in the landscape.

Bad//Dreems are a band that could only exist in Australia. No other place would breed this kind of uber-tough melodies and pub rock excellence. That track “My Only Friend” is as purely ‘Strayan as a VB indulged at 2 in the afternoon on a Tuesday, paid for by worker’s comp for that broken toe you suffered six months ago.

As that video very clearly portrays, Bad//Dreems are also one of the hardest touring bands in this country, having gone out on at least 4 national tours this year, two headline shows, and supports for The Scientists and The Preatures. Baddies are heading out on the road again, hitting Newtown Social Club in Sydney on Thursday the 18th of September, with old mates Hockey Dad and Bearhug in support (TIX HERE). In earnest excitement, I’ve asked Barts from the band to hit me up with his Top 5 Australian Records.

Top 5 Australian Records


1. Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls –Gossip/ Under the Sun

We all love the two albums Paul Kelly did with the band know as the Coloured Girls. I particularly like Steve Connolly’s guitar playing. I’ve always tried to find out more about Connolly without much success, except that he died in the nineties. Like most guitarists I like, there is an emphasis on melody and simplicity, never any overcrowding. The rest of the band bristles with energy, which is captured so well on these recordings. Anyone who has lived/left/returned to Adelaide can relate to the Gossip song of the same name. Boredom/resentment versus old connections/nostalgia.


2. Coloured Balls- Ball Power

Call it proto-punk or whatever this is the way rock music should be. Still sounds as vital today as I’m sure it would have in 1973.


3. Sea Scouts- Beacon of Hope

I saw Bird Blobs a few times when I lived in Melbourne. My friend Darren Cross then put me onto Sea Scouts. So visceral. Darren always would go on about going on tour with Sea Scouts and their homemade cardboard box amps and guitars carved from Tasmanian oak. Degreaser’s new album is bloody good too.


4. Midnight Oil- Diesel and Dust

It seems like a lot of the mainstream Australian rock from this era became tarnished by how popular it all got. But there was a whole lot of amazing songs, presented in a refreshingly unpretentious way. This is an example.


5. Rowland S Howard- Teenage Snuff Film

I could listen to that opening guitar break of “Breakdown (and then..)” all day. As close to perfect as an album gets.

Top 5 Records w/ SPOD

There’s a reason why I always attach the prefix “Old Mate” when  talk about old mate SPOD. It’s because, although I’ve never met him, the guy is like Sydney’s father of good music, constantly churning out the hits for us to shake our booty to. He’s diverse, unpredictable and came out with a song called “Deadshits”. There is literally nothing more you can love about the guy.

Now, for all those that are unaware, SPOD recently came out with a bloody brilliant new record called ‘Taste the Sadness’, an adult re-imagining of his classic debut ‘Taste the Radness’. One of the best songs on there, a bonafide tear-jerker, is the first track “Last Dance”, which perfectly personifies its title, in that it is something heartbreaking and melancholy, but at the same time, leaves nothing unchecked. It’s just a really open and honest song, and if you were going to indulge in a last dance, “Last Dance” would be pretty bloody perfect to have a final waltz to.

Because SPOD is a bloody legend, I asked him if he’d want to do his Top 5 Records that he’d have his last dance to, and he replied with a surprisingly deep and   meaningful list, especially for a guy who makes us dance to the tune of “Get your fuck on, get-get  your fuck on”. Cheers SPOD you bloody legend!

Top 5 Records that SPOD would have his Last Dance to

01: Ween – Any album up to and including White Pepper

Ween were basically flawless from 1990 to 2000. 10 years of inspiring perfection that didn’t give a shit about anyone or anything asides from pure songwriting perfection & ultimate bravery. I don’t know if anyone still thinks they’re a novelty band, but if they do, they’re probably a total deadshit who likes the current Foo Fighters. It’s a bit of a kick in the nuts of my own mortality that Ween broke up. If two perfectly mismatched geniuses can’t remain best friends forever, then what chance do the rest of us have?

02: Harry Nilsson – Nilsson Schmilsson

I bought this record as a young man solely because of the cover of an out of focus Harry in a bathrobe. Who was this guy who dares to put such a deadshitty image on his album? Little did I know at that time that it’s one of the greatest albums of all time and Nilsson is a hilarious & touching legend. Nilsson was the original Ween, he loved dancing with the absurd just as much as writing a perfect song and could do both like no one else and planted the seed in the importance of adult pride.

03: Beastie Boys – Pauls Boutique

What a masterpiece. I remember when this came out, I was still totally juiced on Licenced to Ill and the idea of these 3 brats spraying beer on the dicks of the world. Along with the rest of their fans, I wasn’t ready for such a mature step into this world that they and the dust brothers created. This gave birth to a lot of music I loved that came after it, and also a lot of Fat Boy Slim pieces of shit, but man this album was a bolt of lighting, and still sounds fresh as the day it landed. It was such a huge flop when it came out that I got it for $5 on vinyl. Nice. It also put me onto more good albums from its samples than any thing else I’ve come in contact with.

04: Black Moth Super Rainbow – Dandelion Gum

When I stumbled across this album on some blog in around 2008, I had kind of given up finding another band to obsess over, thinking I’d grown out of that part of my life and was destined to float through the rest of my days just recycling past loves till the end of time. Then this came along, a perfect mix of everything I loved up to that point. VHS Video Stores, Hip Hop, Psych Pop, Vocoders & cool songs from a faceless dude. A future primitive dance party for lonely dudes in the summertime.

05: Beck – Mellow Gold

Again, sure he’s got technically better albums in Mutations, Midnight Vultures & Odelay which are all masterpieces, but Mellow Gold, along with Weens Pure Guava, were displays that ideas are the most important things to have as long as you have a 4 track and a room to record them in. This was back before your telephone could record an album, kids. It was a bloody revolution! It sounds so personal and close, like a best friend just gave you a tape they made, which just so happens to sound like the future of Bob Dylan joining the Beastie Boys.

Top 5 Records w/ Unity Floors

Old mates Unity Floors are one of the best things that Sydney town has. They’ve got these awesome tunes that are like junkyard pop, weird pop songs constructed from rusted guitars and tin can drums. They’re a ramshackle band that write some of the best tunes to listen and dance to, like if Paul Westerberg if he’d grown up in the suburbs of Sydney, and listened to Pavement.

Now, although Gus and Henry are pretty similar in that they’re friendly guys with steady knowledge on how to write a good song, their musical tastes are wildly different, apparently. So, I asked them to show me the Top5 Records that they could agree upon.

Also, these bloody legends are playing The Standard Bowl on September 12th, with other bloody legends Chook Race and Community Radio.


Top 5 Records That Gus and Henry Both Like:

1. CAN – Delay 1968


2. Grauzone – Welt Rekord 7″


3. The Jesus & Mary Chain – Hate Rock N Roll


4. Captain Beefheart – Safe As Milk


5. The Cramps – Bad Music For Bad People

Top 5 Records w/ Chicks Who Love Guns

Chicks Who Love Guns have a band name that both references a relatively obscure old movie, and an indicator that their sound is probably going to explode in your face like a Jack in the Box packed with dynamite. They’ve just released a killer new single that’ll shred you to pieces harder than the tree shredder in Fargo. It’s called ‘In The Deep End’, but it more closely resembles being chucked off a cliff (in a good way).

On the topic of their name, it refers to a scene in the criminally underrated ‘Jackie Brown’ by Quentin Tarantino, when old mates Robert De Niro and Samuel L. Jackson watch a bunch of bikini clad models try and sell machine guns.

Since CWLG are top blokes and they obviously have a good taste in music and movies, they wrote down their Top 5 Movie Soundtracks for us. Cheers!


Overall my favourite Soundtrack would have to be Vangelis’s score to ‘Bladerunner’. I think it can hard to separate an instrumental soundtrack from its visual context but Vangelis does an amazing job  of  both capturing and  accentuating the emotional tone of the whole film as well as just being an amazing piece of standalone music. Last year I also got to see this soundtrack being performed by a full orchestra at the Sydney Opera house whilst I was mega blazed and needless to say that shit was mind blowing and definitely cemented this soundtrack as awesome in my brain.



Suspiria is my favourite Dario Argento film, he often works with a band called Goblin. Their score for Suspira is bodacious, this track specifically is very haunting and builds into this fucked up all out jam. The start reminds me of what could be an intro to a black metal album or something.



I picked up the Friday soundtrack for a couple bucks at a record store in Tokyo. Not thinking much of it at the time, I now realise how sweet of a random purchase it was. Lots of great mid-90s hip hop in the vein of Ice Cube and Dre but the real gems are tracks like Super Hoes by Funkdoobiest (A song about fictional characters getting up to hood shit “Cyclops, Wolverine and The Nightcrawler, went to a bar yo they had dollars, rolled an impala hittin all switches while Richie Rich Riches, pulls all the bitches”) there’s also this killer old sappy soul song called I Wanna Get Next To You by Rose Royce. There’s the Isley Brothers and Bootsy Collins, but my favourite track off this delicious soundtrack is Mary Jane by Rick James. I’ve been on a huge Rick James tip since the first time I spun side C of this record – did you know that J.Lo took the vocal melody from Rick for the Ja Rule song “I’m Real” ?  Well, now ya know.



From the opening instrumental of the Twin Peaks theme, right through to the theme again with Julee Cruise’s accompanied haunting vocals, this whole soundtrack is killer. I’m a big fan of all of Angelo Badalmenti’s film scores, but this one in particular is flawless. With jazz-style tracks that feature smooth double-bass lines, snare brushing and sax combinations, contrasted then with brooding organ and pan-flute dynamics, it is as a whole fairly mellow, yet totally unnerving. The TV series only provides you with snippets, but when listening to the tracks in full you get taken to some pretty weird places. At times the eeriness of it all corners you somewhere in a dark forest Laura Palmer style, while at other times it makes you want to moonwalk in slow-mo and click at attractive people.



So, I had a bit of a hard time picking a favourite soundtrack. After a while of thinking about it I decided to go with maybe, a more recent favourite than an all-time. A choice I’m verrry ok with though. The Drive soundtrack is awash with tasty synth oriented, moody pop tunes. A lot of people are pretty aware of the first track off the CD ‘Nightcall’ by Kavinsky which is undoubtably awesome, but is still just a piece of what makes this whole soundtrack so great. Setting the pace, the soundtrack glues the whole film together with it’s cohesiveness. These carefully picked tracks are what make Drive so dark and transient. Eerie while soft and affectionate. Different to most of the other tunes on there, this one still stands as one of my favourites.





Top 5 Records w/ Straight Arrows

Straight Arrows are one of my all time favourite bands. Seriously, this local band playing live is probably what it felt like to watch a band like Nirvana or David Lee Roth’s Van Halen back in the day. People knew there was something historical happening. When you listen to or watch Straight Arrows, your soul becomes imbedded with some insane energy, like you’ve suddenly become a part of an ancient Aztec rock n roll ritual. Live, Straight Arrows are a beast that force you to move your body and dance like you’ll be sent to a prison where they play Matt Corby on repeat if you don’t hit a sweat quota.

Which is why I’m over the fucking moon that Straight Arrows’ frontman cared to share his favourite ultra fun time records with me. After so many stupidly smile-engaging times with Straight Arrows, it’s awesome to hear what gets Owen going while he makes his double egg yolk smoothies in the morning, before he goes out and punches cow carcasses in preparation for the big match-up on Saturday.

Theme: Top 5 Ultimate Amazing Fun Records

Don and the Good Times – Where the Action Is.
After playing keyboard on Louie Louie, then leaving the stiffs in the Kingsmen after that prick Lynn Easton took control, Don formed the Goodtimes and smashed it out of the stadium with this record. The next one was BAD bubblegum. Then he quit playing and produced the Stooges’ Funhouse. Perfect resumé
We’re the Banana Splits.
Sure, it was a kids’ TV show with a bunch of shitty skits between even worse cartoons, but the album is a BUBBLEGUM MASTERPIECE.
GG Allin and the JabbersAlways Was, Is, And Always Shall Be.
GG when he was trying to make a tuff punk/pop record, pre-turds and tough guy posturing.
Rolling Stones – England’s Newest Hitmakers.
All r’n’b (in the classic, albeit white, sense), all hits. All the time.
Prince Buster – Wreck A Pum Pum.
His dirty album. Self recorded. Has the Pharaoh House Crash on it. Somewhere on the cup of ska and rocksteady. King of Jamaica. He could do no wrong in the 60s.