New: Disgusting People-Snail Song/Two By Four

I just came from the Dollar Bar show, which was amazing. Good bands for $10, a romper of a feat that even Greg Inglis would have trouble topping. One of the bands of the night were the amazing Disgusting People. Although they were minus good bloke Roche, Sam ‘Every Band in Sydney’ Wilkinson made up for it with his high-diving guitar shenanigans, and the in-between song banter. Shit, they almost made Silverchair’s ‘Freak’ sound good again.

Anyway, they’re out with two new songs as of today, ‘Snail Song’ and ‘Two By Four’. They’re both romper little guitar songs from the GBV handbook.

They’re straight up-and-down strummers, guitar-pop done with the kind of flair that Stephen Malkmus prays to Satan every day for to accomplish. ‘Snail Song’ is a tad more boppy, like if Brian Wilson grew up in the Inner West. Meanwhile, ‘Two By Four’ features a slacker pop jaw-breaker, and features lyrics about getting touched as a kid. So there’s that.