Kewl New Vids for Kewl Kids: The Pink Tiles + Wives + Pow Pow Kids

Stuff these in your eye holes:

The Pink Tiles – Cut It Out

Pretty much the Melbourne answer to Bloods. Managed to catch these guys doing their thing at a trip to the Tote a few months back – it was real cool! Now, with the aid of a green screen and three chords, you can experience all the magic of the ultra soulful garage rock boppers that The Pink Tiles have got.

Wives – To Sin

Oi, fuck how cool is this? If Siouxsie were even more of a badass, she’d be fronting Wives. It’s fractured guitar pooling underneath urgent vocals spewing vitriol about confessing sins. It’s fantastic in a Lynchian kind of way; whirring confusion being compressed into some tantalising, skin-peeling subversiveness. It finishes way to quickly, and makes the pining for that debut album action all that more powerful.

Pow Pow Kids – Pow Pow Theme

I’ve only ever heard good things about Melbourne’s Pow Pow Kids. They’re doing this sort of wonky, addictive garage speil that borrows from Devo as much as it does The Ramones. Here’ they present their retort to those sitcoms that had their own theme song, because that Too Many Cooks nightmare wasn’t enough. It’s glammy, ridiculous, and the variety of outfits on display is enough to warrant the Oscar for Costuming.

Pow Pow Kids will be on their way to Sydney on July 24th, playing at the Vic in Marrickville with Dumb Punts.