Video: The Naked and Famous-I Kill Giants

Earlier this year, The Naked and Famous put out their sophomore record, which was, although not as great as their debut, still a fantastic electro-pop work. In case you didn’t get around to hearing it, the band have just released a video for the single ‘I Kill Giants’. Whilst the song is a pretty big track, with a slinky synth riff and stadium-level vocals, the video quietly achieves by itself as well. They went all simplistic, with a visually arresting view of ballet dancers pulling off some Black Swan moves.

You can see The Naked and Famous at Big Day Out in January next year.


Album Review: The Naked And Famous-In Rolling Waves

Alright, time to set the stage for the proceedings of awesome. Picture the most bare canvas of spaces. Something tranquil and empty, and yet so full and mesmerising you can’t look away. The universe would be a good image to visualise. Now combine that unfathomable amount of space with Fantasia. C’mon, really collide that shit with the force of the gods. Rub it together. I’m talking an unstoppable force meets an immovable object levels of intensity. I want you to thrust that Fantasia-Universe concoction with the fury of your 5 year old self, having just hijacked your sister’s Barbie collection, and you’re mashing the plastic genitals against each other in an attempt to simulate your own sex education. Really grind and mesh those two concepts into a single, blub ridden mess. Looks beautiful doesn’t it? Looks as majestic as Aslan the Lion sipping a Corona, right? Well that image you’ve just constructed has a name. You can call it ‘In Rolling Waves’, or the new Naked and Famous album.

The Kiwi alternative pop group’s second attempt at creating perfection has come damn fucking close. Indeed, the entire first half is pop brilliance, a full, verbose sound that cuts like glass. You’ve got your Massive Attack open plain build up opener with ‘A Stillness’, which grows as organically as Jack’s Bean Stalk, starting off small but pushing into the clouds within a few swift movements. Then pop majesty incarnate with the recent radio stalwart ‘Hearts Like Ours’, which thumps in jaw-dropping confidence, rushing off the ground and into our collective consciousness with scary stamina. After gasping with overwhelming pleasure by the second track, ‘Waltz’ brings tricks down to a seductive icy glare, before ‘Rolling Waves’ shoots everything right back to the full force of pop’s Large Hadron Collider. But lo and behold, ‘The Mess’ destroys all in its path with hammering synth walls that showers the listener in a spectrum of radiating electro-pop. Truly stunning stuff.

So, after five songs of pop brilliance, where do The Naked And Famous have to go. In terms of comparison to the previous songs on the album, they come in as slightly less-inspired and don’t contain as much of the do-or-die enthusiasm of the earlier songs. That being said, they are still amazing songs. Hey, not everything Freddie Mercury wrote was up to the standard of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, but that’s just because the bad was set so high. I’m sure Wayne and his buds could’ve rocked out to any song in the Queen catalogue with just as much enthusiasm. Such is the case for ‘In Rolling Waves’. There’s still plenty of treasure to be dug up.’I Kill Giants’ hops around on synth javelins, whilst ‘We Are Leaving’ maintains a fantasy epic structure, skating on hurt pride, just going to prove the diversity The Naked And Famous can show in their sound.

This leads to the main point of ‘In Rolling Waves’, in that The Naked and Famous are exploring unknown territory. It seems to be what a lot of bands are doing right now, to varying degrees of success (Cloud Control=YAY! James Blake=Meh). The Naked and Famous prove that although they’re on shaky ground, they’re doing it confidently, and that they still totally own their trademark epic pop. But with the added dimension and depth that this second record has, as compared to the high intensity of their debut, The Naked and Famous have more ability to flow than be compressed.

‘In Rolling Waves’ was released on Friday, which means you can get it. The Naked and Famous are playing the 2014 Big Day Out, along with two of my all time favourite bands Mudhoney and Blur, as well as the blazin’ DIIV, Toro Y Moi, and Flosstradamus. GO! BEGONE! BUY THE TICKET! TAKE THE RIDE!

New: The Naked and Famous-A Stillness

Big time Massive Attack influence and diverse soundscapes abound on this one! On the second single from the Naked and Famous’ upcoming sophomore album, the band go in numerous directions, but surprisingly (and thankfully), the track doesn’t collapse on itself in confusion . In fact, they manage to tie it all together quite neatly. The acoustic jangle, soft piano, dark-pop synth and moody ambient noise are all anchored by the curling voice of Alisa Xayalith. Pretty fantastic all round!

Video: The Naked And Famous-Hearts Like Ours

I posted about this a couple of days ago, and here it is again; the brand new Naked And Famous song, this time with a pretty damn cool clip. I don’t really want to re-iterate what I said when reviewing the song before, so I’ll summarise and say it’s a good song that excites for the upcoming sophomore album from the Kiwis. However, the clip is another beast together, a suitably artsy and strange clip that is as visually enticing as it is dramatic and potent, all the things a good clip should be. There’s creepy twins (who are most likely telekinetic), a bench presser that has a pet tarantula, and a girl that can’t decide whether she’s happy or sad. Make of that what you will, or watch the awesome clip and figure it out for yourself.

New: The Naked And Famous-Hearts Like Ours

So, the internet went into overdrive over New Zealand’s indie stalwarts The Naked And Famous’ new track this week, so I thought I’d check it out. Although it’s not the immediate smash hit of tracks like ‘Young Blood’ or ‘Punching in a Dream’, it still has devastating potential for being the song that will be stuck in your head all week. The gnashing synth on ‘Hearts Like Ours’ is in full glitter mode, creating a really full track, maybe a little too busy at times, but still damn engaging throughout. And the chorus is what Nicki Minaj dreams she could create. ┬áThe new album, coming out in September, should be better than stabbing Voldemort with a rusty shank in a prison shower.