Playlist: EXXE Records Inhalation Compilation

I’d say that anyone who’s visited this site before would become quickly overwhelmed with how much of it is dedicated to things of the lo-fi and local variety. I fucking love stuff that’s been spawned nearby, whether it come from a sharehouse in Marrickville or a two-up in Melbourne, or an unliveable shack in Brisbane etc. etc. Pretty much any city in Australia with a low-rent living space.

So, it’s with abundant pleasure that I found out that there was a new record label called EXXE Records that have collected a bunch of my favourite bands into a compilation, with a few exclusives and fan favourites involved. On a compilation of 13 tracks, there are twelve (plus one) songs of amazing and diverse sounds from around the country. Not getting around this cassette is a sin only Joe Hockey is capable of.

Before I get stuck into the bands, here’s a lil’ info on how EXXE came to be. Formed by a couple mates living in a share house in Moncur Street, Marrickville, EXXE’s bands are all linked by time spent there, where a lot of the songs on the comp were apparently bred into existence. Their basic mission statement seems to be to release their mate’s bands, all of whom happen to be really fucking good. Shit, they don’t even make a profit from these things, but rather use any money gained to fund more recordings. Fuckn dedication, amirite?

Onto the bands – the artists listed on here is like The Rich List of Australia’s Most Underrated. Sydney garbage-punks Housewives, Ghastly Spats, Drown Under and Snotty Babies, all of which have made scrabbled and scathing noise their purpose of life. There’s a fucked up snarler from the usually docile Beef Jerk, twisted pop smiles from King Tears Mortuary and The Friendsters, and quaint guitars from Mope City. There’s The Gun Club, via Beasts of Bourbon, sounds of Bad Guys, and dark, throbbing post-punk strangulation from Sacred Product. A new one from Kitchen’s Floor opens with tambourine and a gargantuan burp, before switching into their signature strum ‘n’ pine formula. Julia Why?’s contribution is probably the most professionally-produced effort, with limited hiss allowing for some fantastic Breeders-esque rock and roll. Sleep Debt, who haven’t been heard from in ages, also appear with “Day’s End” an instantly catchy and brusque howler that’s half-Dischord, half-Inner West pop.

Did you read those descriptions? Did you see how fucking good those bands sound? Even if you haven’t heard of a single artist on the ‘Inhalation Compilation’, the luscious descriptions of some ginger on the Internet must make you want to pick up music on a format many don’t even know exist. It’s simple – these are some fucking great, if unpolished, bands who champion the amateur aesthetic. You don’t need Rick Rubin to produce your single, or a mountain of coke to help ‘inspire’ you. All you need is a sharehouse, an instrument, maybe a four track, and a future compilation featuring amazing bands like this.

You can splash out and buy the tape here, at the EXXE Rekkids Bandcamp. Because you don’t need groceries for this month, right?

EXXE Records is gonna have a launch at The Chippendale Hotel in, yep you guessed it, Chippendale. Sleep Debt, Julia Why?, King Tears Mortuary, MOB, The Friendsters, Mope City, Destiny 3000 and Ghastly Spats are all gonna play for the cheap, cheap price of $12. Sick, see ya there.


New: The Friendsters – AWOL

Earlier this year, The Friendsters released a searing 7″, a post-punk maelstrom wrapped up in glaring lyrics. The spindly “Revenge is the Best Revenge” featured an insane chorus that was like a banshee screaming bloody murder.

Out of the blue, The Friendsters announced a new track, and they’ve also gone with…fuck it’s a cliche and hard to type, but they’ve changed up the sound a bit. It’s like The Beach Boys being assassinated, and this is the sound that a choir sings as the band ascend to heaven (or hell, The Beach Boys did some fucked up shit). It’s masquerading as a happy song, with the jangly guitar, the refrains of love and “Ooo-ahh-ooh”. But underneath it, the lyrics point to the band that released those stoic straightforward classics.

The Friendsters end up doing a killer update of a lost Beat Happening song, with a verse that goes “One day he went away/but he never came back again/they said he took a bullet to the brain/and they never covered his remains”. Sound like something you’d be pretty keen on listening to? That’s known as a ‘rhetorical question’ for all the kids who’ve just finished the HSC English exams. Shoutouts to myself from a year ago.

The Friendsters support Old Mate at Black Wire, this Saturday, 18 October.

New: The Friendsters-Drain My Blood

The Friendsters are this awesome band from Sydney, a statement I’m sure you’ve heard a million times over. But really, this is grilling, sneering post-punk noise with a slight pop edge, a statement that sounds so pretentious even Arcade Fire fans would steer away from uttering it.

Let me back up a little bit: The Friendsters are just plain cool as fuck. Think of something like Screaming Females with some better riffs and droning vocals. The chorus of ‘Drain My Blood’ was purpose built for screaming at someone you loved and now hate with the intensity of Mount Vesuvius. How many songs can claim that?
The Friendsters are playing a show with Oily Boys and Reptiles on May 14th at Good God, go if you want to see some awesome music