New: Ace Romeo – Hyperdrive

The Fighting League are great. Nathan Roche is great. And Ace Romeo is great. All are connected through the solitary Andy Campbell. Except that the latter is just one man. ONE MAN! All by himself! A lone wolf, if you will, fighting the good fight, doing the good deeds. A Samaritan. A hero. A legend. Of the fall.

Ace Romeo released “Best Friend” a little while back, and he’s followed it up with “Hyperdrive”, a patriotic/paranoid track that comes off like if Husker Du did the soundtrack for a movie like Top Gun or Red Dawn. “Hyperdrive” jettisons along on a streamlined drum/bass combo and slow-breathing guitar that’s just waiting to explode like a planet the Death Star has had it’s eyes on for a while. Truly, Ace Romeo has earned his Hasselhoff-esque name. You go, Ace Romeo. You do what you gotta do, to save us all. Operate outside of the law, play by your own rules…just get the job done.


New: Ace Romeo – Best Friend

Have you ever Replacemented so hard, that you replaced The Replacements? Hi, welcome to Ace Romeo, the man with a band name that’ll make you swoon and headbang over all the 80’s action hero/pornstache entitlement that it deserves.

Ace Romeo is technically Andy Campbell, who has made his name being in some of the more memorable projects that Australia has spewed forth, such as The Fighting League and Joseph Liddy and The Skeleton Horse. However, this is grimier and dirtier, intertwining guitars laying on top of each other, lathered with fuzz, like the participants of a guitar orgy. Incidentally, “Best Friend” is as catchy as an STI at an orgy. There you have it – my analogies are a little bit okay.