New: Tenru – Oceans

It’s been a while since any electronic music has graced these hallowed pages, but Tenru picked me outta this slump of garage and punk rock, and plumped by overbearing carcass firmly back in the society of knob-tweak appreciators.

Hailing from Perth, old mate takes the love we all feel for Bonobo, and turns it into something even more sensual and seductive, turning our platonic friendship into something that can only be described as lust. Strong, earthy lust, the kind one feels after reading 50 Shades of Grey, or watching bootleg videos of Channing Tatum working out.


New Electronic Music: Young Franco + Bon Chat, Bon Rat + Andrei Eremin x Fractures + Tenru

Bleep bloop motherfuckers, immerse yourself in some hella cool electronic tunes from all over ‘Straya that go down smoother than velvet scotch:

Young Franco-Close 2 U (ft. JOY)

Young Franco is a guy on the rise, a Brissy producer who makes funky ass beats like its no one’s business. This a new track of his that resounds with a clubby, Touch Sensitive/Kilter vibe, fluctuating beats hammering down next to the luscious vocal talents of JOY. It’s pretty easy to see this one doing well in the Cross, but that doesn’t stop it from being purely electric and decently enjoyable.

Bon Chat, Bon Rat-Escapism

If you’re a fan of Oscar Key Sung, it’s hard to imagine you won’t be frothing over the new Bon Chat, Bon Rat track. A lush song that sounds like a sparse urban jungle, with steeled instrumentation dropping like rain pellets all over the tune, as stunning male vocals sing a song of pain. It really is a song that you can escape into.

Andrei Eremin x Fractures-Ghosts

This song equates to total zen. The vocals of Andrei Eremin are flawless, very similar to the neo-soul of Chet Faker but without the cracks in the voice. Meanhwile, Fractures is at the top of his game, providing a subtle, moving portrait of piano-lad electronica, in the style of I’lls and Ghoul. Basically, Andrei Eremin and Fractures are equalling themselves to the Greek myth of sirens, beautifully moving things that’ll break your goddamn heart and drag you to the bottom of the ocean, and kill you with the exposure to the stunner that is Ghosts.

Tenru-The Way She Moves

There are a heap of amazing producers coming out of Perth. Ta-ku, Lower Spectrum, and now this guy Tenru. This song is absolutely jaw-dropping, sexier than a lap dance from Zac Effron. The ambience is key to ‘The Way She Moves’, hush tones colliding at a glacial pace for MAXIMUM IMPACT! Tenru stirs his sounds with his vocals, creating this potent potion of sounds that would make Snape think about handing out an A+. And Snape’s a dick, so imagine how crazy us normal folk will go crazy over it.