New: Oliver Tank-Different Speed feat. Ta-Ku

Every time someone listens to Oliver Tank, a baby seal is born. That’s a fact. Engaging in something so beautiful must be reciprocated with something equally as beautiful. Now, it’s been a while since we heard anything new from the holy man, but ‘Different Speed’ lives up to expectations. A slow ticking beat runs next to Tank’s stunning voice, a voice which melts hearts almost as fast as molten lava trapped in the ribcage. There’s also the beautiful strings and synth waves subtly infiltrating the sound, filling out the sound and building the song, but not ruining the illusion of minimalist romance that Tank does so well. Fucking awesome.


New: Hand Games Mixtape #14 (free download)

New: Hand Games Mixtape #14 (free download)

Fuck to the yes to the fuck yes. There is a new Hand Games mixtape, and for now, everything is right in the world. For those that don’t know, Hand Games is a mixtape service. Every month, a new playlist shows up like the hologram of Eazy-E at Rock the Bells. This month’s playlist has a host of goodness that would cause envy to Mother Teresa. There’s new shit from the schmoovest R&B thang in the world, Black Vanilla, as well as some light and immersing electronica from Hayden James, Ta-ku, Moses MacRae and Lower Spectrum. In terms of the gorgeously gargantuan, there’s the newest of new from Palms (<3), Peter Bibby, Shining Bird. ‘C of O’ from The Native Cats ‘Dallas’ album makes a most welcome appearance. Rounding out the eye-popping goodness are Summer Flake, Brothers Hand Mirror, Rainbow Chan and Naughty Rappers Collective. Overall, this shit is going to pound you into oblivion with the sheer greatness of the music. The fact that is completely free of charge will send your brain into a paradoxical descent of insanity. 

New: Oisima-Everything About Her (Ta-ku Remix)

Everything about this track is straight chillin yo! Although I’ve been watching way too much Breaking Bad, and have decided to adopt the personality of Jesse Pinkman for better or worse, (most definitely for worse), this song has pulled me out of the reverie just long enough to remind myself that Oisima and Ta-ku are masters of their craft. The original Oisima track is brilliant (get it for free here) but the remix takes it to another level. Baby pterodactyl screams, the main lyric of ‘Bowp’ (I think? who cares) and disorientation played to the max, are all new elements to the original song that Ta-ku chucks in  for some absolutely jaw-dropping listening.