New: Oisima-Everything About Her (Sweatson Klank Remix) (free download)

Okay, so we’ve heard the original, we’ve heard the Ta-ku remix, and now there’s the Sweaston Klank remix. And yet, we still wait and wait to tire of Oisimia’s ‘Everything About Her’. Surely, it will be a grave day in human history when we skip this song in our Itunes Shuffle.

This new remix from Sweaston Klank is subdued, and a little bit dangerous. It shuffles along like a Nicolas Jaar track, subtly clicking and grooving to its own beat. However, the remix also allows Annabel Weston’s vocals to shine through a bit more, and you can really appreciate how fucking great she sounds. Overall, an adept and different take on the stunning original track from Sweatson Klank, fantastic job.