Video:: Dasher-Go Rambo

Dasher are the kind of furious punk band you only get once a year. The video for their song ‘Go Rambo’ makes it pretty clear why. It’s screeching banshee punk, delved out like a recreation of Hitchcock’s The Birds, only instead of crows and ravens clawing out innocent eyeballs, its a visceral punk froth.

Their video is suitably DIY, basically just a live clip smothered in flour, and a manequin being slung around and massacred. But what the video lacks in creation, it makes up with fire and viciousness. You can just tell that watching these guys live would be the equivalent of getting a musical decapitation.


New: Meat Market-Too Tired

Cool and funky garage punk from the band known as Meat Market. As their name would suggest, they play a slaughtered version of garage. It’s dirty, slimy and just picked up off the slaughterhouse floor. Grime and chunks of bone can be found throughout the mix. However, they’re not past doing a high strung Acca Dacca solo either, and that’s a good thing. This is just a really cool song to get fired up with. Good show Meat Market!

Video: Peace-Kissed Dust

Firstly, this is not the band Peace from England that play droopy pop. This is the band Peace from Vancouver who play droopy garage. And there is a very big difference. Firstly, this Peace is more exciting, more sarcastic , and generally rub my crotch a lot more than the other Peace. Predictably, they’re on Suicide Squeeze. In this song that’s title sounds like Kirsten Dunst, they have a guy that looks like the fat guy from Peep Show murder a bunch of guys like the Thee Oh Sees video for ‘Toe Cutter-Thumb Buster’. It’s a lot simpler than I just made it out to be.

Video: Destruction Unit-Sonic Pearl

If Washed Out wasn’t what you were looking for, try Destruction Unit. They’re a crazy metal/pysch band from Arizona, which makes sense, because there’s fuck all else to do in Arizona besides go out to the desert, take a lot of drugs and and make awesome music. Fittingly, that’s exactly what they do in the clip. If you feel like simulating having your brain peeled back by a shotgun, put on this song. It’s just a dick tease of what’s going to come out later this year on Sacred Bones, however this song can be found on a 7 inch by Suicide Squeeze Records in 3(!) days.