New: So Pitted – Rot In Hell


So Pitted Band Photos

Some people think Sub Pop kind of went a bit soft when they signed Fleet Foxes, Father John Misty and Beach House. I think they’re forgetting the fact that this label has been home to some of the most batshit crazy bands of the last 30 years. And not just stuff like Mudhoney, feedtime, or Nirvana’s first (and best album). No, let us remember recent skull-poppers like METZ, Pissed Jeans, and Melbourne’s own Deaf Wish. When it comes to rock n roll that grinds your head in the pavement, Sub Pop can be trusted.

Enter So Pitted. Hold your horses, they are probably named after a dumb video on the Internet, but they are so much more than a catch phrase uttered by a grommet. “Rot In Hell” is loaded with an acidic sneer, rock dipped in a vat of the stuff that turned Bruce Banner into a green psychopath. So Pitted sound like they’re mutants yelling from a sewer, clawing at the ceilings, taunting their eventual arrival. It’s a death march, and they’re laughing, because you’re fucking next. George A. Romero would be so proud.



New: Deaf Wish – They Know

Unrelenting noise. That’s what this song is. A minute of pure, unhinged, debauched noise, thrust at a full-tilt, manic slide that makes an avalanche look like a flaccid sneeze. Burn city pin ups Deaf Wish have announced a new album, “Pain”, and it looks like its coming out on Sub Pop. Forget the label that churned out the Father John Misty/Fleet Foxes deviations – this stuff is wrought from the same minds that released Dead Moon, feedtime and METZ to bigger audiences. If ever there were a band that deserved that sweet international audience attention, it was going to be Deaf Wish.

Although it’s only a minute and a half long, “They Know” is internal-organ damaging. Bearing a nice resemblance to Open Your Heart-era The Men, Deaf Wish chugg along at an disturbed, alien pulse. In less time than it takes to evenly cook nachos in a microwave, this band emits on a nuclear blast. Fuck, this is so awesome.

Also, do yourself a favour and check out “Eyes Closed” – if you’ve ever wanted some punk rock that will tear your arse apart harder than any $2 toilet paper, wrap your ears around that blistering propulsion.

New: feedtime – Flatiron

Gettttt fuuuuuuckkkeeeeeddddd! feedtime! There is new stuff from feedtime! Ring the alarms, shout from the hilltops, defrost punks’ cryogenically frozen authenticity! feedtime are fucking back!

For those that have been licking out Mark Ronson’s butthole for so long that you forgot what real music™ sounded like, feedtime are one of the many bands that Sydney can hold up to say that we’re more than a Bridge and the hometown of Budgie Smuggler Abbott. A simple tutorial in the ways of Radio Birdman and Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys should be enough to quash those doubts.

Anyway, after nearly 20 years and no material from the most underappreciated act in rock music, feedtime are re-launching their burly, mean and fucking awesome brand of rock n roll. They’re unleashing a 7″ upon the world through Sub Pop, the A-side being a blues-injected neck-throttler by the name of “Flatiron”. It’s got all the usual feedtime elements – guttural bass that wants to drill a hole to China, whirring guitar spokes and a snarling refrain that would make Voldemort squeal. By this token, it feels like the globe is about to be crushed under the feedtime homecoming.

Video: Pissed Jeans – Boring Girls

Think back to a time before Total Punk and Ausmuteants existed, before you could get decent fucked up punk music delivered to you as easily as ordering a heart-attack inducing Domino’s Pizza. That time was 2005, when Myspace was still relevant, and Alexisonfire where inexplicably a ‘punk band’. It was also when Pissed Jeans, a band with a name to rival our own Slug Guts, released their debut record ‘Shallow’, a fiery brew of sneering, bloody music that could only be played on loud speakers.

Sub Pop is going to re-release ‘Shallow’ (they’re also doing a Sleater-Kinney boxset, hey), and they’ve made a cool lil’ video to go along with the searing “Boring Girls”. It’s a searing bludgeoning deathknell, accompanied by the most brutal microphone batterings since ‘Damaged’. But with “Boring Girls”, there’s an added menace in the chorus and depraved lyrics.

The video is fucking amazing as well. Fucking amazing. There are multiple switches from suit to PJ’s for our unlikely, creepy protagonist. There’s a whole bunch of supernatural shit that goes down and scares the shit out of the same guy who was dumb enough to have a date around the same place that he stores a photograph of said date. SILLY BRO! A bunch of horrific shit goes down that makes American Horror Story’s gimp suit guy seem like a badly rendered Runescape goblin.

New: Mogwai-Remurdered

Mogwai have returned! Even if everything is completely fucked in your life, it cannot be as bad as living in a world without Mogwai. The world’s best band without words have released the first brilliant single from their upcoming record, and in usual brutal Mogwai fashion, it’s called ‘Remurdered’. Up and comers take note, that is how you name a fucking song.

As for the song itself, its a deep, brooding thing, a hulking beast. It motors about, swaying its many heads like Cerberus or Fluffy, the reference will be depending on whether you’re into Greek mythology or Harry Potter. Listening to Mogwai has always had an epic feel to it, like facing the final boss in a video game, or fist-bumping Freddie Krueger. But on ‘Remurdered’, shit just gets a little way more real, and listening to those synth drones makes my heart beat just a little faster than what is probably healthy. The things we do for Mogwai, am I right?


New Obits-Taste the Diff (free download)

Today brings in a new taste of Obits with, the garage-bruisers that sound way older than they actually are. This is the first single from their thirds LP due out in September, titled ‘Beds & Bugs’. In traditional, furious Obits style, the band get right to the point, showcasing a simplistic and acute style that even translates into the short title. That or the band are trying to get down with the lingo of tha kids nd’ homies. Regardless of the reasoning behind the shortened name, it’s good to see that Obits haven’t lost Rick Froberg’s howlin’ Neil Young-ish voice, nor the urgent thumping of the guitar. Them sounds like fightin’ chords. The band even manage to fit in a wee little jam towards the end of the track, with all the restraint of Jack Black in School of Rock. 

Video: Jaill-Pointy Fingers

New school freaky jams from Sub Pop’s Jaill. The band who perfected weird pop on their album ‘That’s How We Burn’ are back with a clip that brings the strange, but not a whole lot of substance. Whilst the clip is worth watching simply because of it’s playful absurdity. However the sing shifts too quickly from warp speed to super-happy-fun-times-yeah! and loses momentum pretty quick. However, Jaill are a very good band, and they’re on one of my favourite labels, so it’ll be good to see what ELSE they come out with soon.