Premiere! Solid Dad – Kewl December


Times are tough. The bloke who appears on the cover art for Solid Dad’s debut single knows it better than anyone else. Thy mortal enemy December rears its ugly, stinking, sweaty head, and injects direct sunlight into your otherwise glorious day, thusly ruining any chance of happiness or comfort. That’s where a KEWL day makes all the difference between feeling young, spunky and phresher than Drake,  and putting a shotgun in your mouth.

There’s not much known about Solid Dad. Is the name ironic, and #Grinspoon already taken? Is he actually a terrible father? Or are his parenting skills on par with his ability to write awesome, blustery tunes? “Kewl December” reeks of imagination, a stoic number that plants its Doc Martens firmly, with a gravel crunch and a lobbing spit of chewed tobacco. This is a man’s song, y’hear? As inhumane and weathered as the track’s own album cover model/Wizard Doppelganger, “Kewl December” struts with the howling fire of a Beasts of Bourbon bender, and although those vocals point to this tall structure falling down, the warble and delicate strength is all part of the charm.