New Electronic Music: PILERATS + Oisima + Stax Osset

Serious talent packed into a whole bunch of new releases for you to read/listen to.

Pilerats – Rat Pack Vol #2

Pilerats are the all-conquering lords of electronic music, surveying their domain of popularity from a home base in Perth. They’ve covered artists like KUCKA, Indian Summer, Hayden James, Basenji, and pretty much any enormous and talented electronic artist you’ve been enjoying over the past forever.

Earlier this year, they released a compilation of content that introduced Australia to ODESZA, Ryan Hemsworth, and Young Franco, amongst others, on their record label, which has seen fantastic releases from Sable and Willow Beats. They’ve unveiled round #2 just before Christmas, and there’s a whole bunch of treats in here to feast on.

Sable’s “Burfday” is a guilty-pleasure complex wrapped in sirens and piping hot steam, Moon Boots provide a sultry, minimalist disco outing for fans of Bonobo, but who need a bit more flair, with “There’s No Love”, and Catlips provides a track that will jerk your limbs harder than any Disclosure track could.

Although more hit-and-miss, and with less star power than their previous compilation, Pilerats still know who to pick for talent better than anyone, and prove why you’re better off chucking this on the stereo at your next party, rather than letting your mate who goes by the name DJ iTitties to massacre a pair of decks.

Oisima – Sun of Truth feat. Mei Saraswati

Adelaide’s bearded master of fusion is back, kicking into a sensual new groove with the help of Perth vocalist Mei Saraswati. Whilst her vocals are laid-back and fashionable, Oisima’s beat takes the stage, shuffling kegs of flutes and saxophone mingling amongst jungle atmosphere. It’s like The Jungle Book got a remix.

Stax Osset – Symmetry

“Symmetry” has been out for two weeks, but it’s been getting pumped on the speakers for that entire duration. It’s got great vocals, sultry romantic Grimes-esque pop, but with pipes on par with something as intimate and frank as Banks crossed with Karen O at her most revealing. The production is thrilling, bolstering the track to closed-eyes, flickering smile, hands in the air levels of tranquility.