New: Southern Comfort-Suzanne

Another day, another release tied to Angie Bermuda, this time with added Harriet Hudson. The lady from Angie, Straight Arrows, Circle Pit and Ruined Fortune has yet another project she’s attached to called Southern Comfort. And much like the drink, it’s guaranteed to be a hazy and genuinely fucked up time.

The beginning of the track begins like a lost Runaways song that got stranded in the desert for too long, and had to ingest a shitload of peyote. ‘You look so pretty/driving in your car’ just plain catapults itself into semi-stardom as the┬áline you want to sing to your unrequited beloved in a state of drunken bliss.

And as if that weren’t enough, a stringent, slow-burning and cursed solo ends out the track, bleeding insanenly good sounds into the ears of the now-possessed. Good stuff Southern Comfort, most excellent!