New: Sleepy – The Ride Up

Guide By Voices fans – you gotta face the facts. The band have broken up (again), and the club doesn’t appear to be open anymore (sorry). Robert Pollard is getting older and grumpier by the day. The albums they did release when GBV reformed were mostly forgettable affairs peppered with some decent songs. The glory days are ashes, and you’ve gotta open up your skulls to some fresh faces. Don’t worry, they’re not witches, just bored little children (still not sorry).

Those bored teenagers are Sleepy, Sydney legends who’ve taken the lessons taught by Pollard and co., sprinkled on some Smudge and harder edged Pavement, and stomped on a few fuzz pedals to make a damn fine single. If your attention span lasts around two minutes, and you have hang ups about previous relationships, and have always wanted to combine those two loves into a furious little single, then sink your teeth into this!

Sleepy will be playing at The Vic in Marrickville next Thursday!


New: Sleepy – Hit And Run 7″

Smoulder away, my wayward songs, it’s a new 7″ from Inner West’s best, Sleepy. If you’re a raging insomniac, to the extent of Christian Bale in The Machinist, then make sure you go out and buy yourself a copy of this 7″. Super dreamy, almost gloppy, dream-pop that is like a cross between Smudge, Guided By Voices and pre-pubescent Jebediah, when they were still yawning and less about rawking.

Unfortunately, the 7″ only runs for two songs, which is a huge shame, because these tracks are rip-roaring bed time enhancers. They are just so full of life, a sincere encasement of beautiful pop, like Sir David Attenborough reciting his dulcet tones over a Built to Spill song. From the spindly guitar lines mixing with the overwrought reverb, softly collecting into a pool of fuzz and teenage woo-oahs, Sleepy conquer our hearts for far too brief a time.