New: So Pitted – Rot In Hell


So Pitted Band Photos

Some people think Sub Pop kind of went a bit soft when they signed Fleet Foxes, Father John Misty and Beach House. I think they’re forgetting the fact that this label has been home to some of the most batshit crazy bands of the last 30 years. And not just stuff like Mudhoney, feedtime, or Nirvana’s first (and best album). No, let us remember recent skull-poppers like METZ, Pissed Jeans, and Melbourne’s own Deaf Wish. When it comes to rock n roll that grinds your head in the pavement, Sub Pop can be trusted.

Enter So Pitted. Hold your horses, they are probably named after a dumb video on the Internet, but they are so much more than a catch phrase uttered by a grommet. “Rot In Hell” is loaded with an acidic sneer, rock dipped in a vat of the stuff that turned Bruce Banner into a green psychopath. So Pitted sound like they’re mutants yelling from a sewer, clawing at the ceilings, taunting their eventual arrival. It’s a death march, and they’re laughing, because you’re fucking next. George A. Romero would be so proud.