New From Abroad: GØGGS + Spacin’ + Beach Slang


I took some time out of spray-painting #Straya on the walls of the American Embassy to write about a few new bands they’ve produced worth a look into:

GØGGS – She Got Harder

This is probably the best thing that Ty Segall has done in years. It’s harder, and raw, bleeding with a punk energy that’s been notably absent from his most recent recordings. The blame for this renewed aggression can probably be dedicated to the inclusion of Chris Shaw of Ex-Cult, as well as Charles Moothart of Fuzz.

“She Got Harder” hurtles forward, slamming its way through wall after wall of expectation on the back of spiky guitars, gut puncturing drums and a demonic bass riff. GØGGS are paralysed with the notion that anything that can’t be said in two minutes flat isn’t worth saying at all. I gotta admit, its a belief that I hold onto very dearly as well.

Spacin’ – Titchy

Spacin’s ‘Deep Thuds’ was one of the first records I ever bought from Repressed Records. For me, it stands out as one of the best albums you can put on for when you want something that will keep you entertained for a long time without making you think too much or forcing you to thrash like a soccer player looking for a free kick. It’s simple, lo-fi garage-psych that never tries too hard. That’s precisely what you get in “Titchy” – blobs of lo-fi drool buzzing in a lazy, fun fashion for the whole family to sit down and suck down mescaline to.

Spacin’ have a new record coming out on Richie Records/Testoster Tunes, which is possible one of the best labels in the land of the ol’ USA. They’ve provided us with delights such as Home Blitz, King Blood, Taco Leg, Purling Hiss and even a lil’ Kurt Vile.  If you’re not on the Richie wagon, count yourself lucky that you stumbled upon this article when searching for lesbian dominatrix porn.

Beach Slang – Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas

Probably the most clean shaven track of the bunch, but Beach Slang still pack a punch. By stealing a shoegazer’s swag of pedals, punching things to a galaxy-traversing speed, and then switching between sweet serenade and 90’s alt rock yelp, Beach Slang remind of a cross breed of DIIV, Speedy Ortiz and Archers of Loaf. Keep delivering tunes like this one, and their album, ‘The Things We Do to People Who Feel Like Us’ is probably going to be a bit of a winner.