New: Mystery Date + Petty Things + Pop Zeus + Honey Bucket + Slim Wray

Today’s edition of new shit is brought to you by the letter Gnar Tapes (and Real Numbers’ side projects/ unruly riff rock)

Mystery Date-You And Your Sister 7″

Mystery Date is like the best version of The Replacements, somewhere between ‘Let It Be’ and ‘Tim’. It’s punk rock, but it’s got a loud, brash pop spirit to it that makes young girls’ hearts melt, and boys swoon with jealousy. Only a 7″, it’s a real shame that this thing isn’t longer. Like, say it was four albums worth of material, I still don’t think I’d get sick of it. Because reality is a cruel bitch, intent on ruining my life, this 7″ will have to do for now. In that, it provides an immediacy, the fact remaining that you only have approximately nine minutes to shake your ass as much as you can, you fat tub of lard. Move those man-boobs up and down to the guitar solos, pulverise your oversized rump to the pop-punk legacy that’s still alive and well, and before you know it, you’ll be looking like Glenn Danzig.

Petty Things-Year of the Dog

I posted about Arizona’s Petty Things a while back, with their ‘Bored’ single blowing the fuck off my expectations, mind, and causing a singeing to my genital area that hasn’t been since Shatner fucked that green chick.

Anyway, the band are back with a full length. It includes the aforementioned ball-bustingly good ‘Bored’, as well as 9 (or 10, if you got the Bonus Track Version, or BTV in industry speak) equally rip-snortin’ tracks. They’re loud and slightly obnoxious, creating songs that’ll hardly stand the test of time. But then again, how many songs from this period of time are going to be introduced to the historical paradigm? If you want my opinion, songs that deal with the most present of tenses are usually the best kinds of songs to listen to. Irreverent songs are conscious of being probably irrelevant, and so they exude an energy and charisma that most ‘serious’ bands lack. Fuck metaphors and symbolism when you can create a damn catchy riff and curl some tape hiss together into a two minute time capsule. Guaranteed, you’re more likely to enjoy yourself wrecking the ‘Year of the Dog’ cassette than your 52nd repeated listen of whatever the fuck Morrissey spouted recently. Petty Things = the most amount of love I can give to a band from the same state that named their basketball team after a fictional bird. HA! Preposterous.

Pop Zeus-Tell Me So EP

Pop Zeus is exactly that-a godlike pop concoction lifted from the beaches of a VHS trailer for tourist attractions in Honolulu. It’s a whimsical, laid back, and ultimately chilling journey of pop’s highest order. Think of Youth Lagoon making out with a soft-focus Beach House. It’s not nearly as well-mastered as the previously mentioned bands, but it’s got a hell of a lot more character and quiet vibrancy, and there’s no self-rioghteousnes associated with the people that like Pop Zeus. Basically, the people that like Pop Zeus like good pop music, which is precisely what Pop Zeus makes.

Honey Bucket-Futon

When I saw the name Honey Bucket, I immediately thought of my favourite Melvins song, and smashed four dozen Rise Against CD’s in my impatience whilst I waited for their Bandcamp to load. At first, I was disappointed that they sounded nothing like Melvins, because it meant I wasn’t right about something, and now I had to pick up a bunch of broken CD cases from the floor. It’s weird how much you miss hearing bands that obviously really like Guided By Voices until you hear one again. Honey Bucket are one such band. They’re a funky little indie rock band from Portland, and their music is quiet but super fun. There’s catchy guitar lines buried in ‘Futon’, much like that small stash of weed you forgot about in your back draw. And much like that small stash of weed, you’re fucking stoked when you find it, swimming in a whirlwind of surprised excitement and frantic imaginings of how much you’re going to utilise your new possession in the near future. In both cases, the material will be exploited for severe pleasure. At the very least, I’ve got something good to listen to whilst I chuck out those shitty Rise Against albums.


Slim Wray-I Gotta Girl (With a List Of Needs)

Easily the best thing about this song is the ruckus-raising riff. It’s the kind of thing that would blow the panties offf even the most conservative, punch-in-the-face-warranting douchebag. It’s loud and full-throttle, like a Fast and Furious move and unashamedly so. It reminds me of bands like The Fumes or early White Stripes, where the blues were married to a noisiness that purely fucking rocked.



Video(s): HAIM + The Horrors + Real Numbers

Gather ye round, minstrels of good music!  It’s time to watch some videos that are bad for your brain cells!

HAIM-If I Could Change Your Mind

As of Laneway, I’m a super-dedicated HAIM fan, and will defend them to the death, unless they start releasing shitty music, in which case I’ll pretend I’ve never heard of them. As it is, HAIM are at the music video point in the album cycle, with the most recent piece being for the excellent cut ‘If I Could Change Your Mind’. What is already a glorious pop number gets shifted into Michael Jackson levels of stardom, albeit with a strong sheen of Runaways spunk. That Las Vegas sign sealed the deal for me: I’m semi-thinking of becoming a stalker of this group.


The Horrors-I See You

Although technically a lyric video, the psychedelic water splashes make this video invigorating. And it’s new stuff from The Horrors, so of course I was going to talk about it to the Internet.

‘I See You’ is having mixed reactions for me, causing an inner turmoil not felt since a good friend of mine said they liked the Star Wars prequels. On the one hand, ‘I See You’ is undeniably amazing. It’s epic, but not pretentious, lush, but not confusing, and full of emotion and zest. It sounds like a mix of POND with City Calm Down, and that’s gut-wrenchingly, stomach-churningly beautiful. ‘I See You’ is great, and because of its length, the song continues to unfold and expand. Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, plot twist, it does.

However, that last point is also the problem. The song shifts so dramatically from start to finish, but there isn’t really any logic behind the movements. It’s like The Horrors are trying to be Radiohead, but its not really working with the same consistency as they probably would’ve liked. Whereas you could listen to ‘Paranoid Android’ a couple million times, ‘I See You’ probably won’t have the same effect.


Real Numbers-Ordeal

And now for something completely different: Minneapolis’ Real Numbers. These guys were fucking fantastic when they came down for Sound Summit late last year, so seeing that they have a clip for their amazeballs track ‘Ordeal’ is nice. Basically, it’s a Psychedelic Furs album cover that’s come to life with the help of some simple garage rock ‘n’ roll. Gorgeous, like an Alaskan sunset, or a 2-for-1 deal at the local kebab shop.