New: Richard In Your Mind – Ecstatic Electricity


Having lost their drummer to the Big Bad Apple, Richard in Your Mind have chosen to unleash all their pent up longing for Pat into one of the most explosive songs of their career. Whereas their most recent album, ‘Ponderosa’, was essentially the band patiently explaining their deep love for The Beatles through lush, weird soundscapes, “Ecstatic Electricity” goes for the jugular, and doesn’t stop until every drop of blood has been loosed.

Mighty, churning and gargantuan, Richard in Your Mind have taken a turn down the path that’s plagued with all of the guitars. The bass line is guttural, bellowing like the cries of an anguished Broncos supporter, and fuzz pedals are deployed to a cacophonous degree. Sonic orgies dart and fret in the form of Conrad Richters adopting a wicked scientist’s stance behind the keyboard – Dr. Jekyll is gone, Mr. Hyde is deploying his destructive power with cackling menace.

Listening to “Ecstatic Electricty”, there’s a genuine feeling that when they play this song live, frontman Richard Cartwright will raise his guitar above his gleeful mug, and smash it into the floorboards of the venue a la The Clash. I never thought I’d hypothesis that statement about Richard in Your Mind, but in just doing so, it has made me very, very happy.

Urge on Richard in Your Mind’s instrument demolition when they play at the Glebe Street Fare on Sunday 15th November, or their headline show at Newtown Social Club on the 18th of December.


New: Miners – Wrings


Like Teenage Fanclub and Sonic Youth had a kid that grew up on The Brat Pack and crippling self-doubt, “Wrings” announces Miners’ debut EP ‘Pala’. It’s plucky and packed with feedback, not the variety that turns listeners away but the kind that cocoons your head between the expensive headphones you should be listening to this on. Sweeping guitars combat with forlorn vocals, jangly riffs pacing themselves until they tumble into careeening squall.

Likening themselves to mentors Day Ravies (who’s Sam Wilkinson is releasing the EP under his Strange Pursuits label), Miners snap in and out with a swooning and efficient jam that every pedal nerd is going to be salivating over. You can catch ’em when they play The Record Crate on the 3rd of October w/ Draining Pool and Milkk.

New: Shining Bird – Rivermouth

Shining BirdFun fact: I was hanging out with my good friend Sean Connery (of James Bond fame), and I saw that Shining Bird had a new single out. After playing it to him, he leaned back into his throne, took a sip from his chalice and smirked: “Thash a tashty birrrd. Are they from the leshure coasht?”, to which I replied, “Yes, Sean. Yes they are”. Staring off into the distance, blue eyes glazing over, he murmurs to himself “Thish ish the besht band I’ve ever heard”. Never have truer words been spoken.

After waiting two long years for more material after their stunning ‘Leisure Coast’ album, Shining Bird have unveiled the shimmering beauty of “Rivermouth”. It’s got all the usual delights that the South Coast legends have become well-known for: a wide range of delicate instrumentation, immersive soundscapes, and, of course, the voice that’s broken a thousand hearts – the voice of one Dane Taylor. Jesus, every time he opens his mouth, you can hear the swish of heads turning and jaws hitting the floor. In a climate where Tony Abbott can enact the same policies as that of Nazi Germany, it’s nice to sit back and submerge yourself in some objectively beautiful music. 

New: MEZKO – Golden

WHAT A SONG! Oh happy days, a new psych band actually worth getting excited about! After wading through wave after wave of rudimentary potheads who crave to replicate Tame Impala to the note, someone worthy of the title has knocked it out of the bloody park with a bubbling brook of pscyh-pop worth getting rabid over.

This ain’t MEZKO’s first rodeo, but it certainly expresses the potential that they have been pointing to for so long. Now with a more solid focus on builds and atmosphere than before, MEZKO show that they’ve got a really firm grip on how to ensure their songs blossom into something enveloping and special. Like Richard In Your Mind hanging in an ashram with Panda Bear,  “Golden” draws you in like one of M.C. Escher’s murals – sucking you into a forever repeating pattern that’s both alarming and calming at the same time.

“Golden” is awesome. “Golden” is great. “Golden” is fucking serene.

New: Wild Honey – Coming Home

If a band references the Nullarbor, they instantly shoot up to the top of my “Fuck This Is GR9” list. Very esteemed, very exclusive. At this point, it’s pretty much just Lower Plenty. But Wild Honey, on their debut single, through one sly wink, have climbed the ranks, and joined the party.

Good thing that a reference to a place that will definitively break your soul isn’t the only great thing about “Coming Home”. It’s got a laid-back psych-pop exterior, with plenty of gooey, misdemeanour guitar placements. There’s even a damn fine solo that’ll lay out any naysayers right at the end. Left, right, goodnight, as the brightly neon notes pulse and bubble with the glint of a band that loves their 60’s pop records more than their parents.

Video: Richard In Your Mind – Shooting Star

If the Mighty Boosh came out of the Blue Mountains, then their intro probably would’ve come around a lot more like the latest Richard In Your Mind clip. Bathed in sensual psychedelica, “Shooting Star” has a video that is basically that one credits sequence from James Bond, but instead of people getting shot etc. bearded guys with sultry vocals and glitchy guitars wind around a visual escapade of Australia’s territories and outer space.

Sound interesting enough for ya? RIYM play a free show tonight at the Lansdowne Hotel, launching their new album ‘Ponderosa’. Entry is FREE, and Fabergettes and Raindrop support, with Palms’ Al-Di DJ’s rocking on late into the night.

New: Richard In Your Mind-Hammered

YEWWW! Richard In Your Mind have a new bloody track, and it absolutely rules! It’s like amazing fun times have been turned into a formula, and then these guys went and got really drunk on it in the middle of a park in Lewisham.  Because really, what’s better than getting hammered with your baby in the daytime, whilst music that the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland would undoubtedly love plays in the background?

This is just a fun ditty, and no other words need describe it. It’s classic psych-pop, a slice of The Flaming Lips before they went and took a bit too much acid. Richard In Your Mind know when to call it quits on the tabs (approx 2 and 1/3 squares for each member) and that’s why they can make the perfect sticky, gooey track to soundtrack your afternoon in the field dressed in a Pikachu onesie.

Experience this in the flesh this Friday, when Richard In Your Mind + SPOD + Reckless Vagina rule The Lansdowne. FREE!

Album Review: Cull-Bà Nội

artworks-000061835551-4lvt1n-t200x200Well, happiness exists. And it exists in the form of Sydney’s psych-pop stars Cull. Despite the title that you’ll inevitably have to copy-and-paste, Cull’s Bà Nội is a mind-expanding treat of the highest order. Listening to these four songs is like playing Candy Crush with Merlin or sliding down a water slide with a Sasquatch: there’s a simple, innocent pleasure that is immediately increased in awesomeness through the inclusion of a mythical element. And goddamn, if that is not the greatest allegory I have ever written.

The opener to the EP is entitled ‘World Inside Your Head’, a song that grabs from all the great psych-poppers and sketches them into a truly beautiful track. It’s like if ‘Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots’ was covered from start to finish by MGMT, and then Kevin Parker did a remix. ‘World Inside Your Head’ spins around like a desktop background screensaver, delightfully jumping around at an irreverent pace with jilted keys and faraway drone-y guitar that buries into whatever gland produces total enjoyment,

After that burst of sunshine-filtered-with-drugs opener, the quirk and psych gets upped with ‘The Sacred Burn Urn’, a track that thankfully comes off really well, and not like the most bullshit pysch pretentiousness that a song title like that could have warned of. Instead, the song balances between grinding self-consciousness and lightly-stepping on the cornerstones of Tame Impala, and fearlessly journeying into a deep abysses of sound. You wanted pretentiousness? You came to the right place. Soundly ‘I write with a pencil signed by Hemmingway’ Sounds.

‘Animate’ continues the dual nature of Cull’s song, schizophrenically switching between balls-out crushing noise and wide-eyed and wafting sounds. Rather than being disorientating, the song actually just epitomises all there is to love about psych pop, the nonchalant weirdness that alienates and draws you in. The swaying nature of the track is awesome, and Cull perfect both sides of psychedelic music that ‘Animate’ displays.

Likewise to ‘Animate’, ‘Keep My Star’ spirals between two sides of the same stone, however on their last track, Cull decide to really show how good they are at shoegaze. However, this is more the kind of stuff that made My Bloody Valentine famous, for when Cull get noisy, they get really fucking noisy, peeling layer after layer of guitar into the mix. And when Cull get mellow, by Peter Tosh’s dread-hairs do they get mellow. The vocals that sink and drift in the murky verses of ‘Keep My Star’ are a little bit off-putting, and all the more desirable for it.

For a local band, Cull show that they have a firmer grip on how to manipulate noise and rhythms within a song than most established bands. Their off-kilter presence, and ability to channel pysch-pop into groovy, constantly listenable stuff is fucking awesome to say the least.