PREMIERE: Prints Familiar – Screenshot


I’m on my deathbed. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, but the Black Plague is upon me. I’m suffocating on waves of phlegm, my bones hurt, my throat is lined with blades that gleefully slice and dice my oesophagus every time I inhale. I’m being skullfucked by the Grim Reaper, and these are my final words: enjoy the latest from Prints Familiar!

Formerly known as just Prints, the Sydney foursome have just announced their sophomore EP, following on from last years Some People Will Listen to Anything. As coughing fits consume my soul, I’ll weakly reach out to press play on “Screenshot”, their new single. Part Strokes, part The Bravery, “Screenshot” is the past decade’s golden bands of indie rock distilled into one danceable tune that’s catchier than the sickness that is currently wreaking havoc upon my very being.

Prints Familiar will be launching “Screenshot” when they support the very excellent Good Counsel at their album launch next Thursday, the 26th of November, at the Newtown Social Club.