New: Primo! – Bronte Blues

I found out about this band courtesy of Teenage Hate, which is a program on Triple R which works as a far greater source of new and good music than this blog could ever hope for. It’s named after the Reatards album! How awesome is that!?

I found about Primo! after scanning the playlist, and seeing someone comment something along the lines of “Hell yeah! That Primo! band is rad!”. Hey, if you can’t trust random Facebook commenters, who can you trust? Anyway, their debut track is called “Bronte Blues”, which is fair enough, because all of the Eastern Suburbs should be wiped off the map.

Primo! make sparkling post-punk in the vein of a schizophrenic Mark E. Smith shuffling down a dark alleyway, constantly looking over his shoulder with a total expression of panic smothered on his creased face.  Good? Great!