Get Better Summer Playlist

One of my very, very good friends Summer is really sick at the moment. And that sucks. How the fuck am I supposed to enjoy myself at school with the absence of someone named after a season? She’s a great fucking person, and it sucks that she’s in this dilemma. Sure, she has her faults such as a non-ironic love for MTV reality shows, and only the recent realisation that Judaism and Islam are different religions (Yes, really) but she’s a fantastic person. I’ve got infinite amounts of respect for this woman because she was able to outlast almost everyone else in the Death Grips mosh at Big Day Out. This is a playlist for her to make her feel better, but can be applied to anyone in a similar situation of sickness. 

This playlist is made up of mostly happy tunes to get your happy vibes up, and thus ensuring the fight of red blood cells perseveres. That’s actually a load of bullshit, but there’s some jumpy punk (Wavves, Ramones), some slacker pop (Twerps, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding) and some nu-disco (Joy Boys, Wave Racer). And there’s no way you can battle illness without a bit of indie rock, so UMO, Spoon, Cut Copy and Majical Cloudz have got you covered there. Enjoy…

1. Death Grips-Get Got

2. Wavves-King of the Beach

3. The Ramones-Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

4. Peking Duk-The Way You Are

5. Scott & Charlene’s Wedding-Lesbian Wife

6. The M Machine-A King Alone

7. Majical Cloudz-Turns Turns Turns

8. Unknown Mortal Orchestra-How Can U Luv Me

9. Black Lips-New Direction

10. Violent Femmes-Blister in the Sun

11. Spoon-You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb

12. Cosmo’s Midnight-The Dofflin

13. Wave Racer-Rock U Tonite

14. The Joy Boys-Pass It On

15. Spiderbait-Calypso

16. Boomgates-Whispering or Singing

17. Dan Deacon-Pink Batman

18. Cut Copy-Lights & Music

19. Twerps-He’s In Stock

20. The Soft Pack-C’Mon


Jazz-Rat’s Playlist

Contrary to the name, Jazz-Rat does not like Jazz. If you told him to play some Louis Armstrong, he’d put on the Tour De France. What an idiot! What a fool! What a buffoon! That’s enough insulting of the Jazz-Rat’s musical naivety. Despite not living up to his name, Jazz-Rat is a DJ, which he will take any opportunity to remind you of, and he is also a keen Michael Buble impersonator. Not fucking bad, I’d dare say Buble’s got some competition. The Voice has a new contender for Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden and Delta Good-head to slobber over. Because I love his lanky personality more than Darth Vader likes to choke his own soldiers, I compiled a compilation. At his request, there’s ‘a little bit of everything, cos I’m into everything, y’know, like not just electronic, but like, rock music as well’. So from the confines of The Mess Hall’s Aussie-bloke swagger, to Tame Impala’s (again, at his specific request) bombastic personification. There’s even the new Flume remix by Ta-ku and some Diplo and the Glitch Mob, because, you know, he’s a DJ (ladiezzzzzzz ;). Apologies in advance for the Pitchfork-y vibe halfway through.

1. Flume feat Chet Faker-Left Alone (Ta-ku Remix) (Available for Download)

2. Tame Impala-Elephant

3. The Mess Hall- Keep Walking

4. Peking Duk- The Way You Are

5. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs-Household Goods

6. Fishing-OOOO

7. Pretty Lights-Sunday School

8. Melt Yourself Down-We Are Enough (Free Download Available, this band will be huge)

9. Diplo-Express Yourself

10. Digitalism-The Pulse

11. SBTRKT-Nervous feat. Jessie Ware

12. The Glitch Mob-Beyond Monday

13. The Gooch Palms-Cucaracha

14. Yeasayer- Reagan’s Skeleton

15. Hot Chip-Over and Over

16. Interpol-PDA

17. Jaill-The Stroller

18. Jagwar Ma-The Throw

19. Melody’s Echo Chamber- Crystallized

20. Washed Out- New Theory