New: Mope City – Untapped Utility


How good is free shit, hey? Whether it comes in the form of that extra packet of tomato sauce that the bloke at the tuckshop forgot to charge you for, or the crazy world of entertainment available at our fingertips thanks to torrenting websites on the WWW.INTERNET.COM, free shit is everywhere.

The latest carriage on the free shit train comes from Mope City, and their new single “Untapped Utility”. From their upcoming debut album ‘Petri-Dish’, due out later this year on Tenth Court Records (TENTH COURT RECORDS, YES!), the first morsel is rammed with buzzing guitars clanging against cheap amps, tipping between jangly verses and thriving post-punk choruses that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Circle Pit record.

Mope City launch “Untapped Utility” this Saturday at the Vic in Marrickville this Saturday. It’s free and The Warm Feelings play as well. If ya can’t make that one, then they’ll be playing a free Monday night show at Newtown Social Club, with Brissy’s Tape/Off and Beast & Flood on the 12th of October.


Playlist: EXXE Records Inhalation Compilation

I’d say that anyone who’s visited this site before would become quickly overwhelmed with how much of it is dedicated to things of the lo-fi and local variety. I fucking love stuff that’s been spawned nearby, whether it come from a sharehouse in Marrickville or a two-up in Melbourne, or an unliveable shack in Brisbane etc. etc. Pretty much any city in Australia with a low-rent living space.

So, it’s with abundant pleasure that I found out that there was a new record label called EXXE Records that have collected a bunch of my favourite bands into a compilation, with a few exclusives and fan favourites involved. On a compilation of 13 tracks, there are twelve (plus one) songs of amazing and diverse sounds from around the country. Not getting around this cassette is a sin only Joe Hockey is capable of.

Before I get stuck into the bands, here’s a lil’ info on how EXXE came to be. Formed by a couple mates living in a share house in Moncur Street, Marrickville, EXXE’s bands are all linked by time spent there, where a lot of the songs on the comp were apparently bred into existence. Their basic mission statement seems to be to release their mate’s bands, all of whom happen to be really fucking good. Shit, they don’t even make a profit from these things, but rather use any money gained to fund more recordings. Fuckn dedication, amirite?

Onto the bands – the artists listed on here is like The Rich List of Australia’s Most Underrated. Sydney garbage-punks Housewives, Ghastly Spats, Drown Under and Snotty Babies, all of which have made scrabbled and scathing noise their purpose of life. There’s a fucked up snarler from the usually docile Beef Jerk, twisted pop smiles from King Tears Mortuary and The Friendsters, and quaint guitars from Mope City. There’s The Gun Club, via Beasts of Bourbon, sounds of Bad Guys, and dark, throbbing post-punk strangulation from Sacred Product. A new one from Kitchen’s Floor opens with tambourine and a gargantuan burp, before switching into their signature strum ‘n’ pine formula. Julia Why?’s contribution is probably the most professionally-produced effort, with limited hiss allowing for some fantastic Breeders-esque rock and roll. Sleep Debt, who haven’t been heard from in ages, also appear with “Day’s End” an instantly catchy and brusque howler that’s half-Dischord, half-Inner West pop.

Did you read those descriptions? Did you see how fucking good those bands sound? Even if you haven’t heard of a single artist on the ‘Inhalation Compilation’, the luscious descriptions of some ginger on the Internet must make you want to pick up music on a format many don’t even know exist. It’s simple – these are some fucking great, if unpolished, bands who champion the amateur aesthetic. You don’t need Rick Rubin to produce your single, or a mountain of coke to help ‘inspire’ you. All you need is a sharehouse, an instrument, maybe a four track, and a future compilation featuring amazing bands like this.

You can splash out and buy the tape here, at the EXXE Rekkids Bandcamp. Because you don’t need groceries for this month, right?

EXXE Records is gonna have a launch at The Chippendale Hotel in, yep you guessed it, Chippendale. Sleep Debt, Julia Why?, King Tears Mortuary, MOB, The Friendsters, Mope City, Destiny 3000 and Ghastly Spats are all gonna play for the cheap, cheap price of $12. Sick, see ya there.

New: Mope City – Blunt Razor

Aww Jesus Christ, Mope City just went and got crazy fucking good. I mean, they were already an amazing band, but now they’ve gone from Nicholas Cage in the mid-80’s good, to being as great as that photo of Shaquille O’Neill picking up Bill Gates.

It’s like all these scrappy Inner West bands have really evolved and shaped up, seemingly overnight. Day Ravies dropped a synth-singed pop number the other week, and The Cathys blew me away on Thursday night, pulling off Dinosaur Jr.’s “Freak Scene” with weird ease. Now, Mope City are the latest band to grow out from dingy-lit lo-fi to something fresh and exciting.

Mope City have always had slightly morbid lyrics (see: “Suicide of Town”), but “Blunt Razor” marries that with a more suitably dark sound than the band have had before. Maybe a label has splashed a bit of money on them, because these recordings are sounding clearer, and therefore the doomier aspects of Mope City are seeing clarity. “If you see me, do me a favour/have a look and see if I’m right” is now entombed by glistening guitars that belong in the basement of a haunted house. Fuck me, Mope City just got really good.

New: Laura Jean + The Broken Needles + Mope City

It’s Saturday night, or lonely night as everyone more aptly describes it. You’ve got a box of tissues to your right, a bunch of movies about beautiful people dealing with petty problems to your right, and a long night of tears ahead of you. But hey, look on the brightside, you have all of Sunday to consider the lie you’ll tell your co-workers on Monday. “Nah, went to this awesome punk show, the Hard-Ons made a special appearance, and GG Allin rose from the grave”.

But in the meantime, here are some of the most beautiful songs you’ll hear, ever:

Laura Jean-First Love Song

As soon as Laura Jean’s voice crackled over my shitty computer speakers, I knew that there was a gem of a voice there. She’s similar to Jimmy Tait and Ela Stiles, but with more of a obvious heartbreak. Now, whilst that might seem standard practice in slow moving, semi-folk tunes, but Laura Jean takes it to a completely new organ-shattering, salty-eye water stained high. ‘First Love Song’ is five minutes of impeccably soft guitar, and emotion-racking poetry that even Shakespearean soliloquies would turn around and tremblingly complain about some dust in their eye. The chorus of this song is something that not even the death of a dog in a movie could compete with. Game over man, Laura Jean has won.

The Broken Needles-Bound to Fade

The opening vocals on this track, combined with the overtly strummed guitars, instantly made me think that Nick Cave had teamed up with Kylie Minoque for another ‘Where the Wild Roses Grow’. The swelling strings helped out as well. Deep baritones and love-torn lyrics make this track something to fall madly in love with (oh, the irony). It peaks and rips your heart out multiple times, just as it’s narrators experienced.

Mope City-(They) Can’t Unglue You From Me

This one’s slightly louder, and by that, I mean it has a guitar solo. But none of that Slash shit, just some clinking notes rebounding over the reverb. So, classic Aussie guitar-pop really. Unlike the previous two entries, this song takes on a bit more of a cute stalker vibe, harmless watching through the windows etc. Of course, it could be a totally sincere love ballad, about how close a couple are, and the impossibility of their relationship ever ending. Totally plausible, and kinda great. But something about the line ‘Coming to me was the right move/Don’t trust anyone other than me’ gives me the ‘put the lotion in the basket’ vibes. Speaking of, can someone with videographer skills put this track over that scene, and put it on repeat for 10 hours?