Video: Mikal Cronin-Change

I first heard about Mikal Cronin when I picked up an album he did with Ty Segall, my favourite garage god, back from 2009. Besides the Ty album, Mikal Cronin has two solo albums, the latest of which ahs just been released, along with the video for ‘Change’. The band starts off with a chugging riff, which explodes into a soulful chorus and ends in a whirling, gusty jam that features…violins? Yes, Mikal Cronin is for sure more on the artsy side of the garage spectrum, like a less pretentious version of what Sonic Youth was to the indie scene of the 80’s. Instead, chilled, acoustic sounds are thrown in the mix of hard-hitting guitars and smart poetry. Check out the video to be creeped out by a ghost with bad fashion sense at a badass party.


Free Garage Rock Compilation from Adult Swim

Free Garage Rock Compilation from Adult Swim

Adult Swim, that lock of cartoons that has bred shows such as Metalocalypse, Tim and Eric and the almighty Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and games like Robot Unicorn Attack and Pot Farm, has just released perhaps the greatest garage rock playlist of all time. If you even remotely like garage, or something with an uptempo beat, fucking get this. It’s freer than a Scientology pamphlet. It features awesome tracks by some of my personal favourites JEFF the Brotherhood, Bass Drum of Death, Mikal Cronin and The Black Lips. Seriously, get on this, it’s better than a cat that can unicycle!