New Electronica Music: Ara Koufax + Falqo + Mickey Kojak

This post has the best electronic music to have been released in the past week, deal with it, cool:

Ara Koufax-Converge

Ara Koufax probably doesn’t ring any bells, but it’s the latest project from the guys behind Naysayer & Gilsun. Insanely talented and fun to watch, they’ve made a deep, deep pit of electronic music that swirls around some brilliant female vocals and alarm bells. A total stunner of a track.

Falqo-Feel Your Love

So, it’s been a few days so far, and I’ve probably listened to this track a decent 50 times. If you were one of those dickheads that liked ‘Get Lucky’, you’ll probably spontaneously combust over this track. For the rest of us, there’s that bass line and and chorus made of pure sex to froth over in the meantime. Goddamn, this song is as infectious as a rogue, malaria-ridden mosquito in a quarantine zone.

Mickey Kojak-Feel My Pain ft. Tazzy

I wouldn’t call this song strange, more strange in the way that it’s totally hypnotic and addictive. It’s like trap music being filtered through a synth, and then those trappy beats are getting stretched to their most flexible point. Anyway, the latest signing to Sweat It Out is combining the best elements of alumni What So not and Rufus, and clashing them together for a track that Nicole Millar wishes she had mad.