New: Mezko – Journey’s End


Before “Journey’s End”, MEZKO were a bunch of space goddesses who made majestic synth darkness. Now, they’ve gone and become fully fledged queens of pop. Crystal Castles, Grimes, Purity Ring – put down the keytar, and hit the dole-queue, you’re out of a job!

This thing – it’s a full blown pop explosion. Fucking BANG! It shows MEZKO hitting a new peak for themselves, delving head first into a territory that was only hinted at in their previous songs. Once “Journey’s End” hits that chorus, you can practically feel yourself being flung into that scene from the Matrix 2, where everyone’s caked in mud and raving. This whole track is covered in thrilling from top to bottom.

MEZKO play the Gaelic Club this Saturday with Shocking Pinks, Ill Winds, and Lovely Head.


Skydreams’ Great Classic Hits


Skydreams, run by Telepath host and all round legend Nick Hollins, is more than just a blog. It’s a label, a photo-journal, long form music essay, detailed time capsule – there’s a lot of guises that Skydreams falls under. It also has a habit of covering some of the most interesting and burgeoning of artists. There’s plenty of bands out there that Skydreams has championed from the start, from Blank Realm, to The Laurels, to Day Ravies. It’s certainly helped me in the discovery of a few local bands I’d otherwise have no idea about, like Orion and Laurence.

Celebrating five years on top of the world, Skydreams has released a 25 song compilation featuring a few of the best Sydney bands they’ve picked up along the way, and it’s quite the spread. You’ve got regulars like The Laurels, The Holy Soul and Regular John popping their faces up again, as well as a few folks that have been around for a couple years, like Buzz Kull, Devotional and Option Command.  Then, there’s a heap of new faces – Spirit Faces, Super Galaxies, and Mezko for example.

However, it’s the variety of music here that’s the really impressing factor. Nine minute ballads, 60’s rock ‘n’ roll, throbbing noise, instrumental guitar beds, bedroom hip-hop…it’s all here! It’s exactly the thing that gets me excited about the Skydreams blog, that you can go through that Jukebox and find a completely different song on each page.

The compilation is not only name-your-price, but if you do put some cash forward, all proceeds go to Reclink!


New: MEZKO – Golden

WHAT A SONG! Oh happy days, a new psych band actually worth getting excited about! After wading through wave after wave of rudimentary potheads who crave to replicate Tame Impala to the note, someone worthy of the title has knocked it out of the bloody park with a bubbling brook of pscyh-pop worth getting rabid over.

This ain’t MEZKO’s first rodeo, but it certainly expresses the potential that they have been pointing to for so long. Now with a more solid focus on builds and atmosphere than before, MEZKO show that they’ve got a really firm grip on how to ensure their songs blossom into something enveloping and special. Like Richard In Your Mind hanging in an ashram with Panda Bear,  “Golden” draws you in like one of M.C. Escher’s murals – sucking you into a forever repeating pattern that’s both alarming and calming at the same time.

“Golden” is awesome. “Golden” is great. “Golden” is fucking serene.