New: Bruff Superior-Not With You

I’m really shitty that I missed the King Tears Mortuary show the other night, which had Video Ezy, East River and Bruff Superior supporting, especially after hearing this new one. I have a kind of legit excuse (ANZAC Day committed to drinking and losing 2 Up), but I’m still furious that I missed the show.

But Bruff Superior are trying to calm me down to the best of their ability,¬†with the marsh-mellow vibes coming thick and fast, sharing an affinity with Melbournites like Drove Down and Full Ugly, or Adelaide siblings Summer Flake and Bitch Prefect. ‘Not With You’ is just a really beautiful and simple track, a pillow fight of regret wrapped in killer harmonies and guitars. So now I’m in a schizophrenic state of self-hatred and zen-like calm. Sick one BS.


New: Multiple Man-Body Double

Everyone’s favourite industrial punks, Multiple Man are back with a new single entitled ‘Body Double’. If Trent Reznor had an ear infection that slowly swallowed his mind, and turned out to actually be a 1,000 year old curse from a Brazilian witch who was into The Fall, you might get something that sounded like Multiple Man. Like the assassination of any major political figure that could have been prevented with a body double, this song is about as gorgeously grisly and fascinatingly macabre as one can get.