New: LSD Ratkings – Taringa

Only 5 songs that don’t even break 15 minutes, Brisbane’s LSD Ratkings create the sort of dissonant garage that most bands like to think that they make. Both crushingly despairing, and as sparkly as the counters at the end of a BAM! And The Dirt Is Gone commercial, LSD Ratkings make punk songs that would be equally at home in the centre of a raucous house party, and bouncing off the walls of the room of the kid who wasn’t invited to the house party.

Taking cues from Ty Segall, Jay Reatard and the rest of the gang, LSD Ratkings are melodic garage caked in nasal vocals and more fuzz that Chewbacca’s pubes. Fuck, can things get more complimentary than that? Quit lazing around and prowling for another human being desperate enough to want to bump uglies with you, and grab this cassette.