Video: Love Signs – Not Used to Losing


Fuuuuuuuck, now I gotta brain freeze. Yeah….shit, yeah, I thought it was gone, but now it’s back. Mmmm, ah ah ah ah, Jesus, ah ah ah, no, don’t talk to me, no, shit, shit, shit, yep, yep it’s gone.

That’s the new song from Love Signs – it’s sugary sweet pop purpose built for the brain freeze effect. Except you’re not screaming in pain, thrashing your arms in a savage case of frosty Parkinson’s – you’re having a jolly old time falling in love with some of Brissy’s finest.

If the sugar-caked melodies weren’t enough “Not Used to Losing” throws down the gauntlet with an all-star cast hanging out in malls, singing karaoke, and lying in terrifyingly rigid positions on the bleachers. In reference to that final activity – Brisbane, fuck’s wrong with you mate? That’s what serial killers do! Love Signs are the band that you want playing in the background when you go on your first date, not your first murdering spree!


New: Love Signs – Hold You Down

Following on from the post about the EXCELLENT Nite Fields below, Brisbane excels at more than just dirty punk rock and glowing post-punk, namely in their abundance of drop-dead gorgeous guitar-pop. Sometimes considered a bit of a dirty word, bands like Babaganouj, Go Violets and Blank Realm will crack even the hardest truckie outta Bankstown.

Love Signs are a pretty new band, with their latest “Hold You Down” going even further than the usual nod to the Go-Betweens. Instead, they seem to be longing for a Patti Smith-meets-Annie Lennox-meets-Marianne Faithful. It’s polite but stunning music, something that wouldn’t have been out of place at a pinnacle scene in a John Hughes movie.