New: Nite Fields – You I Never Knew

Nite Fields are the sort of band that makes your heart jump into your throat incredibly quickly. Sure, it’s a bit of a health hazard, but when post-punk is made this beautifully, the thumping beat of your vital organs in your oesophagus becomes secondary to your primary motive of soaking up this bloody great band.

Newly signed to the awesome label felte Records, who have also put out Sydney dudes Mysteries, White Hex and Standish/Carlyon, “You I Never Knew” is part New Order, circa-Low Life, Power Corruption & Lies, inserted with some of that blank drawl that makes Brisbane one of the greatest musical cities on the planet right now. Although covered in glossy sheen, Nite Fields still manage to show through a bit of a decrepit sneer in their lyrics and delivery. Worth the free download? Only as much as a platinum edition of “Terminator 2”!


New Weird Pop Music: WIVES + You + School Damage + Meat Tray + Snowy Nasdaq

Weird pop music is one of my favourite things to listen to. From Animal Collective to SPOD, weird pop music is my lifeblood. Here’s some fucking sick tracks that make cannibals of the Kylie Minogue’s out there.

WIVES -Buried

Man, naming your song “Buried” is one hell of a way to establish that your really good at bummer tunes. The debut single from Canberra’s WIVES exceeds going past that average gloomy stuff, and genuinely creating a fucked up atmosphere that stretches and looms throughout the song. It’s like if Savages were buried alive in a coffin, and then the bands of the band trying to get out where recorded to tape. “Buried” is sinister as fuck, with what feels like millions of angular guitars spiking off each other. The whirring gears that seem so detached at the start soon morph into a buzzing hive of activity, and listening to it honestly makes it feel like your listening to one of the most dastardly villainous plans unfold in front of your ears.

You-Caprice 7″

It’s taken me far too long to get around to reviewing this new 7″ from a Brisbane project that goes by the name of You. How very inclusive. If Ian Curtis somehow became more depressed and  fronted The Talking Heads, that’d probably come a little close to how You sound. “Caprice” is a song that takes musical sorrow to another level, with cold washes of spindly guitar and crushing cymbals breathing grey life into the absolutely devastating lyrics. The added screeches and drones, as well as the completely lavish and orgamsic saxophone that appears, encourages “Caprice’s” status as one of the best weird pop songs to emerge out of Brisbane in recent memory. For a town that counts Multiple Man and Terrible Truths amongst its names, that’s a hell of a feat.

School Damage – Break Up 7″

Another one I’ve been laying on for ages is the new 7″ from Melbourne/Geelong band School Damage, featuring members of Ausmuteants and Chook Race. It’s like indie-pop music that’s been choked out by a serial killer, halfway between Nun/Ausmuteants and Duran Duran. There’s weird, chanting synths that put “Break Up Song” in this strange, Psyscho-stabbing motion pathway, highlighting an incredibly melodramatic and over-the-top finale. Weird, but fun.

Meat Tray – Narooma Blue/The Mauler

Meat Tray is a carnivorous slice of gloriously warped  sound from one of the minds out of Yard Duty.  I’ll be the first to admit this might be a little bit further from the pop mantra than others, what with the hellish-barks, and overblown distorted guitars, but hey, even Slayer hit the Bilboard Chart at one point. This track is truly demonic, channeling fury and drum machines equally for some fucked-up noise experiment that would make Wolf Eyes shed a tear. If you’re keen for some ear-bleeding punk material, you can’t go past this.

Snowy Nasdaq feat Orlando Furious – Greyscale

Another month, another free Snowy Nasdaq track, to be compiled in his soon-to-be-released album of 2014. This time, Snowy enlists the help of Orlando Furious, a producer who makes tracks that makes Aphex Twin look like only half the serial killer he actually is. “Greyscale” jumps and jilts with a pulsing sensation, undulating unnaturally. That distubring quality is pretty much what makes this track so goddamn amazing to listen to. When “Greyscale” hits its peak, you can easily envision yourself in a warehouse space in late 80’s Manchester, full of illegal substance and a suddenly overwhelming understanding of how to dance.