Video: Life Coach-Tigersharx

I wish I had a life coach. To tell me stuff like, ‘No, Ryan, she has herpes’ and, ‘Now, don’t go sticking your dick in the microwave’. It would’ve saved me¬†A LOT of trouble. However, I’ve had to make do with this killer¬†new band called Life Coach from Newcastle, and am currently sitting here typing with a sizzling groin.

Well, make-do isn’t the right word. If it weren’t for my STD-riddled body, I’d be jumping around to this fuzz-beast, just like the lucky kids in the skate park. ‘Tigersharx’ is an earnest pop-punk jam, similar to shredders like Palms, Wax Witches and Step-Panther. And if my sincere love for the track isn’t enough, then how about the fact that Al Grigg (Palms) and Owen Penglis (Straight Arrows) have contributed to the track? Yeah, that’s right if Sydney’s loosest are in love with a fucking amazing track like this one, why wouldn’t you be?