New: Leather Towel – The Message


As soon as Leather Towel kick off with their machine gun drum rolls and bulldozer-to-the-skull charge of the guitar on “The Message”, you’re¬†strapped in, Guantanamo Bay-style, for an absolute flaying. It’s urgent punk that barely spills over a minute, but it’ll grate your cheek into the sidewalk for the full 75 seconds. Make sure you wear a helmet and kneepads, that solo at the end will try to kill you.

Leather Towel will be in Sydney this Friday, playing an LP launch at the Marrickville Bowlo with Lumpy and the Dumpers (USA), Oily Boys and Houswives.


New: Leather Towel – Nacho Chips

There is nothing better than snacks. Straight up, snacks make life worth living. When you’re feeling down ‘n’ out, just chuck some finger food into¬†your gob, and watch the world turn a little brighter.

Like kindred spirits/brothers Ausmuteants, Leather Towel take the ordinary, and skullfuck it into extraordinary. In less than two minutes, they squeal, solo and serenade their way into one of the loudest, in your face fuck-awfs since “In The Raw”. This is so young and dumb and brilliant, it feels like I’m watching Wayne’s World all over again. Fuck oath, get around this band, they’re fucking brilliant.