Video(s): Home Travel + Las Tetas + EXEK

Good stuff from homegrown heroes, and a few mates across the pond.

Home Travel – Death Threats

Quick, what’s the most underrated commodity known to mankind? Is it coal, or oil, or coffee? Wrong, it’s DVD’s. These little discs hold cinematic classics such asĀ Gone With the Wind, Citizen Kane and Happy Gilmore, and yet we treat them like they’re uselessly outdated pieces of technology. WHY?!

At least Home Travel, the duo of You Beauty’s Will Farrier, and Eastlink’s Johann Rashid, know what’s up. In their latest musical offering, the guys combine Carribean sultriness with Robert DeNiro danger. Enthralled with oozing synth work, and with the macabre mantra of “I’m sending a death threat to you”, “Death Threats” is a song that makes you want to curl up in the fetal position and just let Home Travel spin their mystical, demon-charged folklore over your corpse.

Las Tetas – Two Marriages

If you’re a fan of Day Ravies, The Friendsters or really anything that’s slow and suffocatingly beautiful, then Las Tetas are the band for you. They’ve just brought out a clip for a track called “Two Marriages”, harmonious vocals twisting around visuals of a blank forest and an epileptic sufferer’s worst nightmare. The clip is a swirling montage of half-horror, half-magnificent allure, as if The Blair Witch Project was crossed with the stranger parts of American Beauty, and everything was bathed in a ferocious pink.

Las Tetas play with Low Life, Housewives and Orion, tonight (29 November) at Valve Bar in Broadway.

EXEK – Replicate

There’s nothing more terrifying than watching a symbol of national pride, such as a Holden, get the absolute shit kicked out of it. But really, that just seems to fit the sound and aesthetic of EXEK, a Melbourne noise/post-punk group that will fuck you right up. Think of sitting next to the exhaust pipe of the Millennium Falcon as it were revving up, and then add a thousand screaming, gnarled synths. You’ve got EXEK. Now, add the image of deranged ‘n’ depraved young un’s taking a sledgehammer to a small, innocent little redback, and you’ve got EXEK’s awesome clip for “Replicate”