Video(s): King Krule + CEO + The Persian Leaps + Libel

Only a few videos this time around, but they’re all pretty madddddd dawgggg swagga. Enjoy profusely.

King Krule-A Lizard State

Boom! We start off the new King Krule video with a smashing picture of a dude that looks exactly like Hitchcock (or is it actually Hitchcock) fucking with us on a vertical plane. Then, we get into this 20’s heyday roar horn section with Krule’s trademark deep blues voice. Not unusually, his voice gets my loins all slimy-like, a description in keeping with the title of the song. A fantastic track deserves a fantastic clip, and with all the disconcerting camera angle changes, noir themes and plot centred around plaguing mystery, it’d be an understatement to say that King Krule hasn’t delivered on this clip.

King Krule is playing Laneway on Sunday, 2nd February in Sydney. If you missed on tickets to the festival (sucked in) he’s also playing on the 4th of February at Oxford Art Factory.


A track called ‘Whorehouse’ is sure to raise a few eyebrows, in the same way a scheduled visit to Las Vegas from Hunter S. Thompson gets drug dealers boners wagging. However, CEO delivers with a video that only strengthens the Standish/Carlyon-in-Bangkok vibes of their music. ‘Whorehouse’ jitters and squeals all over the place, squelching like a mermaid having mutiple orgams whilst under the water. If MIA was caught in a washing machine with Jagwar Ma, you’d get something like ‘Whorehouse’. Meanwhile, the video glows in an artistically gorgeous way, akin to the quietly vibrance that made ‘Drive’ such a glorious smash hit. Enjoy this clip with a heavy dose of acid and/or good companionship.

The Persian Leaps-Sleepless

The Persian Leaps sound like Guided By Voices, which means that I immediately like them a fuck load more than the average slacker rock band. And I adore almost all slacker rock bands. The college rock haze moves into their video clips with ease. Trippy shades of colour infiltrate otherwise pretty poignant scenes. Notice I didn’t say boring, you ignorant wanker. The environments on display in the ‘Sleepless’ clip echo the kinds of places where you’d find yourself at ease automatically-on an escalator, under the power lines, and in a cool band’s practice space. Man, anyone in the Saint Paul, Minnesota area should immediately seek out The Persian Leaps practice space and set up permanent camp there.

Libel-Tomorrow’s Children

I feel that if Mudhoney were about 10 years younger, and Seattle was still the snide, mostly-ignored cesspit of awesome that it was in the 90’s, then they’d sound a lot like Libel. There’s a bitterness there, and I can dig it. There’s a little McLusky-goes-pop vibe to it as well.

The accompanying clip is cutesy, a bunch of animated figures doing stop-start synchronised things, but for the most part, its the song that takes centre stage here.