New Electronic Music: Basenji + Thrupence + Karma Kid

Been a while since electronic music got some coverage, so here goes with some of the latest from the country’s greatest, Future Classic!


Basenji has dropped his latest single last night, and it’s fucking weird to think that it’s only his second official single. I mean, the dude’s been pretty much everywhere, and looks to be picking up in the vacuum that Wave Racer has left since he’s been trotting all over the globe. Anyway’s, this new one is about as uplifting as the finale of a Disney movie, just fucking stoked electronic sound getting to the higher reaches of happiness everywhere. It’s a triumphant song, and probably about the most fun future bass is ever going to come close to getting.

Thrupence -Don’t You Mind

Same label, very different sound. The soul comes through super strong here, like listening to The Roots going through a funnel of Flying Lotus. It’s very Brainfeeder-esque, and if you plan on having a wine-‘n’-cheese night tonight, this would be the perfect song to play before bringing out the expensive brie.

Karma Kid – Bird of Prey

This song would be my secret weapon if I were ever asked to DJ a club night. First, I’d bring everything down with some Drake, and Lil Wayne, ensuring that everyone in da club thought I was a shitty DJ with no taste, and was going to bum everyone out with my averageness. And then BOOM! I lock up this dope track, and get everyone dancing so insanely that the club burns down from all the hot fire on the DF. And then I’m sued for damages.

What I’m trying to say is that Karma Kid is so good, they will get you sued, so use this track sparingly.