Video: Jonny Telafone – The Prayer

Jonny Telafone – The Prayer

Luckily, this is not an Anthony Callea song, but rather a brand new song to bit your lovers lip to, from the talented virtuoso that is Jonny Telafone. New material from this guy has been way overdue, so it is with great excitement that this track has dropped. The results are in, and the song is fucking fantastic, accompanied by an equally sexy video. His faint, echo-chamber vocals and propelled with watery synth drops, forcing out a pattern that’s like watching Jaws flip around in a koi pond – a spectacular vision contained on a microscopic scale. Produced by Forces, and with a video from Geoffrey O’Connor that features puppies, fire and dazzling acid-flashback lights, “The Prayer” is God-like. Pun intended. Deal with it.


New: Jonny Telafone-Teenage Kicks

This is sounds unlike any track with the prefix of teenage should sound. Or does it reflect the teenage soul more accurately. I don’t know. When I think teenage and music, I think DZ Deathrays, Bleeding Knees Club and Black Zeros. Jonny Telafone, a Melbournite of substantial musical talent, has relased a track that harkens more closely to theintrospective goth kid than the surfie stoner that I’m used to channeling. Jesus and Mary Chain and Everything But the Girl are the main things I hear on this track, but the slow acoustic strumming, and simple, kinda hopeful outlook of the track morph it into something a little bit cooler and capable of more listens than ‘Just Like Honey’.