SQURL: Pink Dust

I fell in love with this song last month, went and bought the EP, and I was going to include ‘Pink Dust’ in my August playlist. Alas, I forgot, as I have the memory of Adam West’s Batman. However, there was no way I could wait another month, nay a little month (Hamlet y’all) to post one of the greatest things I have heard in a long time. ‘Pink Dust’ is drone, but it’s not boring (surprise!) and is in fact as deep and enticing as an ogre’s throat cavity. It’s chilled but vicious at the same time, a paradox of perfect harmony. A telling, informative French sample of a woman counting to three is spelled over the cascading wail of guitars and feedback squall, all combining into a beautifully ugly sound. It’s so amazing that even my musically tasteless Selena Gomez loving banshee of a mate Portia thought it was ‘pretty good’. Of course, her opinion is voided the instant she announced she’d never been to a concert outside of Acer Arena, but the point stands that this cohesive grappling piece of majestic noise will remain one of the best 6 + minutes of your life. Also, SQURL features Jim Jarmusch, the underground film director responsible for ‘Strangers in Paradise’ and ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’, so of course it was going to be awesome. Anyone who can get Iggy Pop and Tom Waits to do a short film together is susceptible to ‘Greatest Person Alive’ status.