New: Jeen-Buena Vista

There’s a pretty high-class pub down the road from me called the Buena Vista. When I say high class, I mean they have the staff wear pristine uniforms, and their patrons are usually of the $100k+ yearly earnings. And it doesn’t smell like piss and cigarettes. Not my sort of place at all.

However, when I got an email titled ‘Buena Vista’, I was over the moon, because I thought they’d finally come around and decided to give me an all-you-can-drink Rech’s card for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, the contents were not that, but they were exciting nonetheless.

‘Buena Vista’ (the song) is a wonderful single from Canadian alt-pop darling Jeen. It’s a slice akin to something La Sera getting down in the studio with Robert Pollard or Kevin Drew might sound like-upbeat, but with a tinge of drama and a sincere bite that raises it above the usual drool that is indie music. Just like the staff of the BV at midnight, this Jeen track snaps at your heels and chases you out of the building with a delirious croon.