New: Jack T Wotton – Never Again


What does the ‘T’ in Jack T Wotton stand for? It’s a question that’s plagued the ages, like what happened to Harold Holt, and is Vegemite delicious or disgusting?

Seriously though, what guise is that ‘T’ shrouding? What mystery lies beneath its abbreviation? My money says ‘Terminator’, simple because of the music this guy is making. His variety of drum-machine sensual assault parallels one of the most classic franchises of all time, only instead of human annihilation, the machines are all about providing carnal pleasure. Am I right? Probably.

Like two kids using a fax machine to sext, “Never Again” is pre-Internet primal sexuality dialled up to the maximum. Press play, and lose yourself in J Wott’s squelchy 80’s wet dream that has inexplicably transferred itself from a thrusting, moustache-clad porno to the modern age.   Strap in, the machines are cumming.

(That’s the grossest and greatest sentence I’ve ever typed)