Local Legends Records

Local Legends Records is a new record label that you should give a shit about, because they’re awesome.

After inhaling that sentence, here’s why:

1. It’s run by Jack Lee and Mikey Branson. Don’t recognise those names? Get familiar with them, they’re heroes of the local Sydney scene, belonging to the almighty Beef Jerk, as well as a couple of other bands. Jack Lee also put out an amazing tape on Osborne Again, featuring this track, ‘The Last Chiko Roll’

Seriously, this song has the songwriting chops of Nick Cave, and the delivery of Stephen Malkmus, all rolled into the purely ‘Strayan metaphor of being the last Chiko roll in Australia. Must feel tops! I trust this man to deliver good music, and you should to.

2. All their stuff is going to be coming out on cassette tapes, which basically narrows down the audience to people that still give a shit about forgotten mediums. It also means that the music automatically qualifies as a lo-fi DIY project with zero projections of world-wide acclaim, and therefore taking the pretentious dick factor down to a solid nothing. Also, listening to cassettes rules, the fuzzy, warm sound you get from cassettes is second to none.

3. They’ve already released 3 records so far:

3a) The Revisionists-Potts the Point: An anti-supergroup of Sydney’s best muso’s (Nathan Roche, Sam Wilkinson, Lani Crooks, Dean Adam, Jack Lee, and Tristain Price) who’ve gotten together and released a shambling homage to a short-lived Sydney punk band called The Revitalists. Look, I’ve never heard of them either, but this rag-tag team of superheroes make it worth a listen, just for the rambling, sidelong drawls of Roche and the harsh kicks of the guitar. Like a hoof  to the head from a horse this stuff is. Let’s hope they stick around for ‘Doesn’t Cabramatta’.

3b) Bad Guys-J2K#12: A seriously enjoyable concoction of rock n roll that forgot to give a fuck on the way into the Mad Dawgz Club. You know that sound soup makes when you splat it into a bowl, and it smears that perfect white porcelain into something that’s about to be delicious? That’s what every note the Bad Guys make sounds like. It’s sloppy and irreverent, but that’s the charm.

3c) Luke O’Farrell-Unrealised Demos (2005-2009): These will probably go down in history as more collectable than anything, but it’s still something well worth checking out. It’s a bunch of stuff that Luke O’Farrell from The Laurels and Broadcasting Transmitter fame. There are some solid shoegaze highlights on here, especially ‘May God Save Your Soul’, which is like if MBV’s ‘Only Shallow’ was slowed down a million percent. ‘Kaleidoscope’ is also a hefty ball-tripper of a number, wrestling 60’s love with some glorious guitar work. Ramshackle, for sure, but still worth a listen, if only to immerse yourself in the realisation that Luke O’Farrell is a goddamn genius.

That’s pretty much all I have in regards to convincing you, dear reader, to get behind this new label. Sure, it’s a self-described low-risk investment, but unless your a tool, there’s an 80% chance you’ll be getting your moneys worth with these tapes.


Premiere!-Osborne Again Music Sampler feat. Ciggie Witch + Haircut + Jordan Thompson + Jack Lee

Look, as much as I love Sydney, with all of its wonderful rock n roll bands and DJ’s that can force me to dance, Melbourne has got the guitar-pop genre under lock and key. If you want a song with lackadaisical guitars that winds your head around your shoulders, you can’t touch the genius’ of the South. Maybe it’s the colder weather, or the cultured atmosphere. Maybe it’s that Melbourne is just a really nice place with way less dickheads than Sydney, and that breeds really nice music. Who knows?

The point is that there’s all these amazing jangle and guitar-pop bands popping up with these killer tunes, and they need labels to collectively distribute and promote them. That’s how the music industry works, apparently. Of course, you’ve got your bigwigs like Chapter Music, but there’s also a fair few young guns with rosters better than the 1975 lineup of AC/DC.

One such label is OsborneAgainMusic. Run by Lachlan, from The Ocean Party and Ciggie Witch fame, the label looks to be doing some absolutely fucking killer things in the future. How do I know? Because I’ve had a sneak peek at a couple of the releases in store over the coming months, and I’ve decided to share them with you. Aren’t I fucking generous?

Without further ado, here they are:


Ciggie Witch-Taylors Lakes

I’ve been a pretty big Ciggie Witch fan for a fair while now, with tracks of theirs like ‘Stuck In A Rut’ and the new one ‘Long Weekend’ becoming staples of my tearful icecream binges. There’s something inherently comforting to the soft guitars and lyrics about being 25 and directionless.

‘Taylors Lakes’ is no different, as tight guitars trickle over each other, multiple melodies more or less telling you that everything’s going to be alright, despite the down-n-out lyrics.


Haircut-I Been Dreaming

Deadset, this song is the sort of thing you want in a dream sequence. It’s guitars and vocals drift along like you’re floating down a river of pillow stuffings. It’s so incredibly soft, like a velvet cocoon. You’d be hard pressed not to be forced into thinking about the happiest moments of your life during this one.


Jordan Thompson-Nobody Will Ever Know 

Jordan Thompson is a member of one of my favorite bands, The Ocean Party. However, his solo track starts out with some Amazonian pipes or something, tropical guitar slowed down to a mumble, and dazzled synths. It’s like taking a stroll in the stars, just chilling in the nethersphere in a state of complete and utter relaxation. And the voice! This guy’s voice is like Paul Kelly if Paul Kelly had the voice of an angel. It’s fucking vocal silk!


Jack Lee-Stories to be Kept Under Lock And Key (The Cannanes Cover)

Jack Lee is the singer from Beef Jerk, an awesome band from Sydney (Yeah! Sydney!). On his solo outing, he takes on a cover from one of Sydney’s indie-rock greats The Cannanes. This is the most indie-rock centred track of the bunch, a shambling, furry song that honeys its way into everyone’s hearts. It’s got an ugly beauty to it, and is one of those tracks that’s key to a hangover recovery. When your heart’s in the gutter, and you feel like an absolute piece of shit, this is the song to play.