New: Miss Destiny-The One

Oh, Julia Roberts! Oh, Hugh Grant! I’ve always known that you were….The One!

That’s probably the kind of shit you’re thinking of when the words The One pop up. Either that, or your a Matrix fan (FUCKING NERD!). Fuck that, you should be thinking about this amazing tune from Melby’s Miss Destiny. It’s rougher than getting kicked out of a bikie bar, and there’s enough fuzz on here to strangle even the most experienced porn actor from the 1970’s. ‘The One’ is so fucking awesome because it has no aspects of trying to be cool, and yet it succeeds at the task harder than James Dean with his arm draped around Kim Gordon, wearing nothing but a leather jacket and chewing an unlit cigarette. That is what cool looks like, and ‘The One’ beats that. Fuck. Me.


New: Southern Comfort-Suzanne

Another day, another release tied to Angie Bermuda, this time with added Harriet Hudson. The lady from Angie, Straight Arrows, Circle Pit and Ruined Fortune has yet another project she’s attached to called Southern Comfort. And much like the drink, it’s guaranteed to be a hazy and genuinely fucked up time.

The beginning of the track begins like a lost Runaways song that got stranded in the desert for too long, and had to ingest a shitload of peyote. ‘You look so pretty/driving in your car’ just plain catapults itself into semi-stardom as the line you want to sing to your unrequited beloved in a state of drunken bliss.

And as if that weren’t enough, a stringent, slow-burning and cursed solo ends out the track, bleeding insanenly good sounds into the ears of the now-possessed. Good stuff Southern Comfort, most excellent!

New: Greta Mob + Geyser + Radar Eyes + Feral Media + perth x GUM + Wunder Wunder + White Caves + Velvet Morning

So much good music has been released recently. And it’s better than an android version of Johnny Depp sweating in a coal mine.


Greta Mob-Gypsy Town (Revisited) feat. Spencer P. Jones

This song is the kind of old school bluegrass that’s been missing from the Australian landscape since The FUmes and The Blackwater Fever sort of disappeared. ‘Gypsy Town (Revisted)’ insists on getting better and better as time progresses. It starts as a bit of a swashbuckle, but nothing to write home about, and then descends into a heart-stomping, six-shooting, ‘bacco chewing badass. It growls and lunges with a danger that is as sincere as it is thrilling. It’s hard to decide which part is better-the Tex Perkins sneer of, “Never comin’ back again!’ or the solo that floors panties and wets loins faster than the sight of Spencer P. Jones featuring on this particular song.


Geyser-Geyser EP

Geyser are this fucking amazingly rad band that came out of nowhere. Why are they so good? They combine the elements of the two greatest rock bands in the history of time, Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr (anyone who said anything else is wrong) and mish-mash them together for a result that could be the most jizztastic explosion since The Scientists announced they were going on tour recently.

Geyser basically chucked four songs of dirty garage in a sewer of punk attitude, and everyone within earshot immediately begins to lose their shit. If you’re having a party, and need something to spruce it up (because let’s face it, most parties fucking suck) then chuck on a Geyser track. My personal money’s on ‘Jocko’, a sleazy, asshole-ripping number, but anything will suffice to take your shitty gathering of people that hate you into a ruckus festival.


Radar Eyes-Positive Feedback

Here’s some drawling, desperate garage-punk from Chicago’s Radar Eyes. Their music is amazing, and ‘Positive Feedback’ shows that they’re not gonna cash in for a tell-all low-budget, mini-series just yet. With a gnarled bass line, surf-rock riffs, some sloppy drums and howling Iggy Stooge x Ian MacKaye-esque vocals, there’s not much more you could want from garage rock.

Feral Media Mixtape feat. Bon Chat, Bon Rat, The Townhouses, Friendships and Tim Fitz

Press play on that first song by Bon Chat, Bon Rat. Your life will become infinitely better. In case your a cynical deadbeat, it’s a cover of INXS’s ‘Don’t Change’ that could have easily been made by an android constructed out of balsa wood and toy synths. It’s a gloriously unique and soothing take on a pub rock staple that’s been covered to the morgue and back, and almost never with dignity (here’s to Grinspoon).

Besides the best INXS cover ever, there’s a smooth, sad jam from The Townhouses, an electronica-ridden deep steam via Friendships and flourishing but quaint one from Tim Fitz that features a shout-out to “…the goon bag girls…”. Basically, it’s a how-to guide of amazing.

perth-Drank and Kites and Tomorrow (GUM Remix)

GUM is the moniker of famed Tame Impala member Jay Watson, so typing in perth to google is probably not going to help you out all that much when trying to find his recent remixes of excellent group perth’s work. But fuck around with the syntax a bit, I’m sure you’ll figure out something. Or alternatively, click play on the link right there. That’s probably a really good start.

Anyway, Watson brings the jungle-space vibes in hard and strong for his remix; the song starts like a space ship is about to take off, and then the song progresses to a kind of sound that wouldn’t be out of place in a peace-pipe circle. The result is a comforting and warm track that will resonate strongly with the psychedelic crowd.

Wunder Wunder-Coastline

Wunder Wunder define coastal pop. It’s like Best Coast were injected with The Drums steroids, and all traces of being appropriated for douche bags was misplaced for the next San Cisco track. There’s the weird, dancing synth line that reminds of Mwahaha, the psych-pop of MGMT, and the milky textures that all great head-bopping, road-tripping, crooked-smiling indie rock pertains to.

White Caves-DIG 7″

Old mates White Caves have just released a new 7″, and it’s pretty killer. There’s this lonesome, MBV guitar shrieks that introduce the title track, and instantly, you want to fly on one of those massive plot-solving eagles in Lord of the Rings. Kinda like Smile or Sunbeam Sound Machine getting thrown in a washing machine with a bunch of pedals.

Velvet Morning-Octocity

The Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood song ‘Some Velvet Morning’ is one of my most recent favourite tracks to listen to as of late. So of course, a band entitled Velvet Morning was going to catch the attention. And luckily for all involved, the result is pretty amazing. It’s a slinking, sighing brooder, with a psychedelic feel, but a lad back approach, if that makes sense. Think of Kevin Parker taking on a Beach House song-ultra nice, right?


New: Straight Arrows-Never Enough

Slimy, bratty, senseless noise aimed to destroy humanity-all accurate descriptions of the awesome Sydney garage maestro’s Straight Arrows. Their 2010 debut album ‘It’s Happening’ introduced them as rough-hewn saviours of local garage music, and now they’re back to finish the job with the new single ‘Never Enough’. It’s a lot grimier and swashbuckling than the usual Straight Arrows slice, but it shows a nice change in pace. If Slimer from Ghostbusters became a mechanic, this would be his theme song. It’s like gravel being swished around in a God’s washing machine, a comparison that is meant to be complimentary but comes out way dickish. Whatever, this single fucking rocks.